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  1. secondangels

    things you will never live down

    In my EMT-B class when we had just learned trauma assessments, we were taking turns practicing scenarios on each other. My turn comes up and I wasn't really listening to my "dispatched to" information, because I figured it'd be repeated while I did my assessment. I get to the head to toe, I go...
  2. secondangels

    Grading on practicals?

    Thank you everyone for your feedback! I passed them all!
  3. secondangels

    Grading on practicals?

    Hey everyone, this is my first post here so forgive me if I mess anything up. I have my emt-b practical test tomorrow morning and I'm pretty nervous. I took my class practical a few nights ago and the grading seemed really hard and didn't make much sense to me. They used the nremt sheets, but...