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  1. berkeman

    Anyone ever use an Amplified stethoscope

    Noise cancellation would be good. I often am in pretty noisy environments when taking initial vitals. I looked at their website, but didn't see quickly what batteries it takes and how long they last. I'm guessing that it has a mechanical on-off switch?
  2. berkeman

    EMT with panic disorder?

    Did your training involve any realistic Pts with moulage? The more of that type of training you can do, the more comfortable you get with dealing with the real thing. You might look into your local groups like Disaster Healthcare Volunteers to see if you might be interested in joining a group...
  3. berkeman

    Looking for resources for new EMTs

    TBH, in addition to the medical resources and study books, I've found a couple other popular books by experienced Medics to be very helpful. In my 15 years of working part-time shifts (some crazy intense, some boring), it has been helpful to read these small paperbacks written by medics on the...
  4. berkeman

    Looking for resources for new EMTs

    My Mentor (a paramedic) gave me his copy of that book when I first got my EMT license (15 years ago). It's got nice concise summaries and lots of useful tips for working on Pts. It also has ALS assessment and Tx information, but it all fits together pretty well, even at the EMT level. Some of...
  5. berkeman

    EMS with anxiety.. is this the wrong career?

    This is the primary thing to focus on, IMO. The secondary things are 12s vs. 24s and the sleep aspect. Are you currently on your meds and back in counselling? If not, there is not much we can help with, IMO. If you are back on your meds and back in couselling, maybe you can find some support...
  6. berkeman

    Getting back into EMS after many years away

    Very sorry for the sudden loss of your spouse. That must be a very difficult thing to deal with. Please take time to grieve, and also to take care of yourself. It's good that you want to get back to EMS. Remember that working as an EMT won't pay that bills at your place in life now...
  7. berkeman

    AED deployment in metal grandstands at track meet

    I worked a 2-day USATF track meet in NorCal this last weekend, and I had a moderate asthma Pt in the grandstands that had her own inhaler and the situation worked out fine. But as usual afterwards I started running alternate scenarios, and for the first time I thought about how to handle a...
  8. berkeman

    My CVA pt Took Aspirin

    Agreed, it doesn't seem like the Hx of TIAs would contraindicate ASA. The hypertension and diabetes might, but not the TIAs.
  9. berkeman

    When should you go to the ER for a broken finger?

    Yeah, if you can safely drive yourself to Urgent Care, that's probably the best option.
  10. berkeman

    ER Tech interview tips for an unexperienced EMT?

    How did you keep your license valid without taking a refresher class and passing the skills test every two years? Here in Cali you have to at least do that to stay licensed. And I thought you had to be actively working as an EMT in order to renew your NREMT every two years. I only kept it up...
  11. berkeman

    Did I make a mistake on this call?

    Were you able to palpate the systolic BP?
  12. berkeman

    Getting in shape so I can lift 125 lbs and return to work

    Are you posting from a tablet? I've seen that happen on another forum that I frequent.
  13. berkeman

    Community Paramedic Programs

    I'm curious why that is. Seems counterproductive -- who typically drives these patients home?
  14. berkeman

    Starting It Now

    How long have you been an EMT and how has that gone for you? Are you running IFTs, or 911 calls on a mixed rig? If you aren't an EMT yet, what kinds of patient contacts have you had? How do you know (or feel) that working as a medic will be good for you? IMO, it's important to have some...
  15. berkeman

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving. Hopefully you get to spend some family time before or after your shift today.
  16. berkeman

    How to get rid of squeamishness?

    Do you have any training opportunities near you where moulage is used? That's one of the best ways to get used to dealing with blood and gore in treating injuries, IMO. It sounds like you aren't working in EMS yet, so you may need to check for citizen-level training and triage exercises...
  17. berkeman

    It hit home

    Very sorry. She was doing what she loved, it sounds like. RIP
  18. berkeman

    Medical Diagnosis

    Have you dealt with any emergent patients yet? If so, was the GAD still manageable? What kind of standby events are covered in the shifts you would like to work? I work standbys pretty often, and they can range from mellow (conventions, big company picnics, etc.) to crazy (large ethnic dances...
  19. berkeman

    Hip Replacement Surgery Question

    Have you checked the weight lifting limit after hip replacement surgery (and even after recovery)? Be sure to ask about it -- I think you are limited to lifting pretty light loads, and to non-impact activities (no running, for example). The risk is that the femoral implant can get pushed down...
  20. berkeman

    Sf Bay Area EMS supply store

    What kind of stuff? For uniforms, etc., there is Summit Uniform on Meridian at Hwy 280: For medical supplies, check out ABC on Bascom: I also use Haller's Pharmacy in Fremont for some medical supplies: