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  1. Knuckles

    Funny Ems phrases

    She’s not stupid, she suffers from a common condition called Colon-Cranial Inversion (head up her arse).
  2. Knuckles

    Why are we still interpreting cardiac rhythms?

    I’m not trying to say it’s like that everywhere, but there’s 4 hospitals in my area and several medical groups where new doctors show up, do their time and disappear. My wife has lived with low K levels most of her life. Her body has negative side effects when they push the med and, because the...
  3. Knuckles

    Why are we still interpreting cardiac rhythms?

    I’m not saying not to use the monitor, I’m saying there are too many things they would have to program in that the monitor will become worse at diagnosis. Learning the rhythms is part of “treating the patient” as, like I said, everyone is different. Being able to verify what the monitor says is...
  4. Knuckles

    Why are we still interpreting cardiac rhythms?

    I work In an area that has a high turnover of brand new “doctors”, nurses and PAs. They finish school, come here for quick and easy residency and then bail. But the book says...” mentality has tainted patients and, once that med pro disappears, the pt gets a new doctor. Many of the new med pros...
  5. Knuckles

    Is 56 too old to become an EMT?

    Most EMS classes can be done in the evening. I work full time now and attend classes to become a Paramedic two nights a week. Total course is 15 months. It’s doable if your heart is in it.
  6. Knuckles

    Is 56 too old to become an EMT?

    I’m not much younger than you, upgraded to AEMT 2 years ago and I’m currently working on my Paramedic. Never too old.
  7. Knuckles

    Why are we still interpreting cardiac rhythms?

    Chaos theory. Doctors call medicine a “science” but there is still so much that can happen within the human body that, when multiple issues arise at once, can throw even the best doctor off. Eat too much, get gas, but it presents as a cardiac issue. And then there’s the fact that everyone is...
  8. Knuckles

    Why are we still interpreting cardiac rhythms?

    Curious, have you heard of STEMI mimics? “The mnemonic “ELEVATION”, can help you remember STEMI mimics Electrolytes (Hyperkalemia) Left Bundle Branch Block Early Repolarization Ventricular Hypertrophy (Left) Aneurysm (Ventricular) Thailand (Brugada Syndrome) Inflammation (Pericarditis)...
  9. Knuckles

    Tar burns?

    I would have watered and wrapped it as well, mostly to keep the pt from picking at it as it may compromise the skin and allow an opening for infection. Let the ER remove the tar.
  10. Knuckles

    Pt took drugs during transport

    In my state, if they‘re a 9.41, the police clear them. If they’re not violent and go peacefully, we leave them be and just monitor. If a pt pulls out lozenges, we try to determine what they are and just document it. If you explain we just need to note it as it may affect care, they tend to be ok...
  11. Knuckles

    I'm new, any recommendations?

    Ok, so apparently, Canada calls all levels of EMS “paramedic” (thank you socialized medicine). Still, there are varying levels of “paramedic”. The answer starts with “What were you trained to do?” Then consider what you’re allowed to do by whatever oversight division/province you’re certified...
  12. Knuckles

    Roll call: which state are you all located in?

    Regrettably, NY (NOT NYC)...
  13. Knuckles

    Prehospital Ethics

    I’ve always been taught to ask myself, “What is in the best interest of the patient?”. That applied to every aspect of EMS, whether it be a procedure, medication (or in some cases I.e. interaction, withholding said med), etc. That being said, it was in the child’s best interest to have the...