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  1. wanderingmedic

    Maricopa (Priority) Ambulance & AMR CCT RN Payscale

    Hi everyone. I am looking to relocate back to the Phoenix area, and I'm trying to figure out how much CCT RNs get paid there. Any ideas?
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    When do you use bvm & Nonrebreather?

    The service I work for uses the Flow-Safe CPAP. Those masks connect to a BVM without an adapter, and I've had pretty good success with it. The Flow-safe masks + some PEEP and high flow O2 can also make a poor-man's BiPAP if you can get the bag squeezing timing down.
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    To Propofol or Not to Propofol?

    When I worked CCT I really preferred Ketamine, or Fentanyl + Versed. One thing to keep in mind is that sedation does not equal pain control. Having a tube down one's throat and receiving PPV causes discomfort. Additionally, the underlying pathology that required intubation may also be causing...
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    Advise Needed: Investigations

    This. Get help, reach out to the authorities before he does. Talk to a lawyer even. But do something.
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    State Reciprocity

    As pessimistic as I am about government employees, I have found that most state EMS offices are relatively easy to deal with. I hold EMS licenses in 4 states, and I have never had a problem dealing with any EMS offices. Just call like a normal person would, and they answer the phone and tell you...
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    Do you have a college degree, and is it EMS related

    1) Yes 1a) No 1b) NA My BA is in sociocultural anthropology with a research interest in the cultural perceptions of health and healing. So not really EMS related, but healthcare related? I'm also 3/4 of the way through an MSN program right now.
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    ACLS for an EMT

    I strongly encourage EMTs take ACLS for the knowledge, but if I am understanding the OP correctly here; he is talking about becoming an ACLS instructor not just taking the class. Agreed, but someone who knew the instructor was way in over their heads and wanted to be pushy about it could...
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    ACLS for an EMT

    I genuinely would not recommend it. I teach ACLS, PALS, BLS and basically every other EMS card course you can think of. To really teach a quality ACLS course, you’ll need more pathophysiology, pharmacology, and skills training and clinical practice than an EMT would have. A medic, RN, or doc who...
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    Gold Cross , Mayo Clinic

  10. wanderingmedic

    Gold Cross , Mayo Clinic

    I would be interested to hear about them as well.
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    Continuing in EMS?

    This greatly depends on locality. I was able to get an ED job as a new-grad RN with Medic experience. Most of the EDs in my area actually prefer to hire the graduates of the local community college's Medic to RN program, even though they only have their AAS. But, I have heard stories of new grad...
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    Fire Department Opportunities in Arizona?

    Ummmmmm, I do not now of any FD that will hire without some iteration of the CPAT. Get in shape, and pass the CPAT. It will be good for you, and honestly, the CPAT is not that bad. Not sure about any FD in AZ that would hire you without FF 1 and 2, there are just tons of qualified candidates...
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    Continuing in EMS?

    I am a paramedic. I am also a RN. My best advice, don't waste your time and money on paramedic school. Most places don’t pay medics more than 15-20/hr, yet the cost of initial and continuing education is nearly the same as an RN or RT. As a brand new RN in the ED, I made over $30 /hr plus...
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    Arizona EMS Questions? RSI and fun stuff like that?

    I believe this is the article to which he was referring
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    Arizona EMS Questions? RSI and fun stuff like that?

    Depends on where you want to work. The greater Phoenix area is pretty much fire based, so unless you just want to be an ambulance driver, I would avoid the Phoenix area.
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    Lynch Interview Panel

    This is not what I expected to read about when opening a thread about “Lynch Panels”
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    Remote Medical

    Are you referring to
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    North Flight EMS (Michigan)

    I am only vaguely familiar with them. One of the guys we had hired at my service came from there. According to him if you had your FP-C it was not hard to transition from ground to air, and that they DID promote from ground to air. Other than that, he seemed to think it was pretty much like any...
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    How long does it take ETCO2 to drop after an arrest?

    We only have PDPs in our standing orders. I was going to call for a drip, but we don’t carry pumps and we were reasonably close to the hospital at that point.
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    How long does it take ETCO2 to drop after an arrest?

    If the patient no longer had palpable carotid pulses and NiBP was no longer reading, but you still had an ETCO2 of 45-50, would you have started compressions and traditional ACLS? The patient had a single lumen PICC which had good blood return when I initiated access. When pulses became...