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  1. gradygirl

    LED Lights on Ambulance?

    P.S. Sprinter mods make me cry.
  2. gradygirl

    LED Lights on Ambulance?

    Our new Sprinters are all LED, both in all outside lights and in the dome lights in the back. You can see these trucks from a mile away, and there's nothing more painful than having a Sprinter in front of you when someone opens the back doors and the load lights spring to life at midnight.
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    Woman kills 3 week old baby, eats it

    Ok everyone, before we start picking stuff up and throwing it at each other, please consider the following: a) an insanity plea must be accepted by both the defense and the prosecution; b) insanity pleas are only used in 1% of cases; c) insanity pleas are incredibly hard to win. And...
  4. gradygirl

    Woman kills 3 week old baby, eats it

    I am not arguing one way or another, but here is the US Supreme Court's rationale. In June 2002, the US Supreme Court ruled in Atkins v. Virginia that the death penalty should no longer be used against offenders with mental retardation. It concluded that the penological goals of retribution or...
  5. gradygirl

    Woman kills 3 week old baby, eats it

    please tell me, did anyone else throw up in their mouths a little bit when they read this? :blink:
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    Same blue dye in M&Ms linked to reducing spine injury
  7. gradygirl


    it's been a big ol' roller coaster, but mostly in a good way. went f/t at atlanta's trauma center with their EMS service, moving in with my boyfriend this coming friday, going back to school in august. lots of craziness!
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    new name, same chick. others know me formerly as TCERT1987. so, yes, i'm back. hi everyone!
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    Just wanted to say high

    Groovy man
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    I've fallen and I can't get up!

    At 21, I am a card carrying member of the Bad Back Club. In February of '07, I took a bad spill on ice (a perfect 10, I might add) and pulled 2/3 of the muscles in my back. About 3 weeks ago, I wiped out while kneeboarding at high speed and was thrown in a backwards somersault, throwing my feet...
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    Show me your ink

    I think that is stunning, absolutely stunning.
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    Mindless humor for when you just don't have the energy Teen Girl Squad!!!
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    Ditto. I'm still a little thrown off that it has to announce to everyone with access when you...

    Ditto. I'm still a little thrown off that it has to announce to everyone with access when you delete anything! Besides, there isn't a choice of one of like 50 different walls to choose from.
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    A deer hit me

    Boy hit by deer :rolleyes::P:rolleyes:
  15. gradygirl

    Text Messaging

    I will admit, I'm a texting fiend and I can text like the wind, but I did draw the line on what I use my phone for. I have one of those snazzy LG Chocolates which you can load up to like 2G of music on, but I also have one of those 80G iPods videos (I wanted the standard size with video...
  16. gradygirl

    Do we ever forget our first patient? I DID!

    Darn, my first patients aren't nearly as touchy-feely. First patient as a vollie: One of my friends from school who had taken about 12 shots of vodka. She kept puking on herself and tried dragging herself into her room. Medics got there and she cold-cocked one of them; he, in turn, grabbed her...
  17. gradygirl

    Show me your ink

    You could read that?
  18. gradygirl

    AMR people only..

    Sort of. If you don't pick up the check on Friday or in the next few days, then yes, it will come in the mail. But you can also pick the check up. If you have direct deposit (which I encourage, as I got screwed one week), then you will receive a stub saying how much you were paid, and that can...
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    Been commented upon but not addressed directly: How to Look Like a Newbie

    Wait a tick, this sounds EXACTLY like something that happened to me and my partner last summer, and unfortunately neither of us are new! The medic couldn't make up her mind on how to do a carry down for a patient, so it went something like this: come up without anything, medic wants the stair...
  20. gradygirl

    Are big trucks needed for medical emergencies?

    I've never had a problem with fire responding to medical calls, especially as they are the first responders for the city of Hartford. I do, however, mind when the firefighters act like the patient is theirs, when in fact, as a higher levels of care, the patient is ours (the ambulance crew's)...