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    Dropping a patient

    Yes Thanks to a rather barbaric patient, a bariatric colleague & a stretcher fail, the stretcher collapsed at the head, with me in the air with a torn Supraspinatus tendon.
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    American Paramedic moving to Australia

    i would suggest you contact each state service individually. You will need to see if you will get recognition of prior learning. Otherwise you can roll the dice for General Entry, or line u & do a University Degree.... You can see what is expected here for Queensland & the equivalent for a...
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    What is your EMS system?

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    Does our culture dictate recusitation?

    Let me start by saying I am an Aussie, however I have a large number of friends in the US, Canada & Great Britain. Death is a very cultural thing, some accept it as a part of life, others as a celebration of passing from one life to the next. My question is have we, as a society, because...
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    What is your EMS system?

    Rescue was started by ASNSW. Heres a thought. They say that Fire is underworked & can therefore help Ambulance, wouldnt it make more sense to REDUCE the number of BRT's (Big Red Trucks) & the number of Hose monkeys & INCREASE Paramedic resourses in the state, in line with workload of course.
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    What is your EMS system?

    Who kows, I have stated before we are seperate professions. We should be kept that way. it is not a reasonable tack. The NSWFB have a track record of taking other peoples jobs to justify their existance. The simple fact that they are opposed to it as well shows it is a bad idea that should be...
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    What is your EMS system?

    I think there are a few pointers here that need to be considered as well. This is a proposal & the most significant statment in this entire article is & This isnt policy yet & I doubt it will get up.
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    What is your EMS system?

    They never beat us to a cardiac call in NSW. Why? They simply are not called. Rescue went to fire because we had a spineless CEO who wanted it gone. Just a question puppy, who started rescue in NSW???
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    What is your EMS system?

    It is also a rostering system that is starting, in ems, to go in favour of 12 hour day day afternoon night. Much more favorable :-)
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    Paramedic insight into wireless ECG transmission

    There is plenty of research on this subject. The research indicates that on average patients having a STEMI with onset times within 4 hours are in the cath lab 2-3 hours faster, ballooned & stented faster with better outcomes. Evidence based practice. I encourage you to consider pre hospital...
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    CPR for ten minutes?

    Shake & shout has been amended after a nurse in the UK used it to get off a shaken baby murder charge…
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    Is EMS treatment a farce?

    I have come into this late, but I would like to address the original posters claims of bolus without thinking. I am an Aussie & we have adopted evidence based practice in fluid administration. Dehydration only get fluids if unable to take oral fluid. Hypovolaemia get 100ml bolus to maintain a...
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    C/T BP problems

    However we don't have these so my question remains…
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    C/T BP problems

    I am curious to those who wanted fluids running in a pt with this sort of cardiac history as to the reasoning behind it, as stated transplant patioens get funky rhythms, the patient was afebrile, hypotensive yes, but really not dangerously so. with the limited resources provided pre-hospital, if...
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    Mental Hospital Clinical

    You need to remember that mental illness is like any other illness. People with admissions to mental health units, genuinely ill are like any other patient, they still deserve dignity & respect. Ask anything & everything. No two patients are the same. No two. Patients will present the same...
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    Is trauma easier than medical?

    Trauma is in your face in most cases. For example you know where to look for deceleration internal injuries & I'm many cases predict injuries. Mechanism of injuries gives you those predictors. In the same way we can predict a medical call in some cases, loin pain & renal colic for example but...
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    Intranasal Narcan for BLS

    Well said. But I would like to add that if ambulance services are properly funded, educated & trained then they can, with the appropriate protocol's, reduce the burden on hospitals. With appropriate resources there is no reason why people cannot be left at home, with protection for the...
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    Intranasal Narcan for BLS

    I ask why is that? Answer: because it is not explained properly to them in a language they understand. Put simply a nominal increase in taxes that most people wouldn't notice, would fund all services. Many people pay for health insurance, Australians pay a 2.75% tax for free healthcare, they...
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    Intranasal Narcan for BLS

    Interestingly enough there are many ambulance services worldwide who operate on this basis. The mentality of pay for everything is what holds people back. As I have stated previously, some things should be controlled by government to ensure quality & availability of supply. Healthcare...
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    Intranasal Narcan for BLS

    I would have thought it self explanatory. Pay people to get their qualifications. Once qualified & registered they are paid a nominal allowance to be on call. Then when they are called they get paid for each call at a set rate for up to a certain period of time. This will then give an...