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    Help out an EMT-B Student!

    Blood goes round and round air goes in and out any deviation is BAD! Learn how blood circulates through the heart, that has evolved a lot through my EMT class. Remember PT Assessment is very similar to vehicle and personnel search... through, systematic, and the same way every time.
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    Working in Qatar

    Please realize that while exhilirating and fun an overseas has the potential to be dangerous except Kuwait where the IDF warning and chemical warnings are just that.... So stay alert stay alive, and take cover when you start hearing the mortars come in.
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    The forum wont let me PM anyone ATM but I am writing a research paper for EMT-B on GDM. I have...

    The forum wont let me PM anyone ATM but I am writing a research paper for EMT-B on GDM. I have found A LOT of great information but in my conclusion I am trying to tie it back to why is GDM important to the basic. hypoglycemia .... I have read that oral glucose should be avoided because it is...
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    Writing a research paper on GDM for EMT-B class.... Was hoping you would be able to send me the...

    Writing a research paper on GDM for EMT-B class.... Was hoping you would be able to send me the PPT you mentioned in the D10 v.s D50. Trying to figure out why Dextrose is used over oral glucose other then the fact oral glucose would be absorbed by the fetus through the placenta. Please PM and...
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    EMS Mnemonics (memory device)

    STREET- Part of SPLAT (Blood Loss) Blood Loss S - Street (Estimate how mmuch blood PT lost) P - Pelvic L - Laceration/Liver A - Arterial Bleed T - Trauma
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    EMS Mnemonics (memory device)

    What does STREET mean?
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    Does anyone carry a thermometer on their bus?

    Have an ear thermomete in each rig... used mostly for peds even though not in NYS BLS Protocols.
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    Back Boarding

    It is a requirement in New York for RECERT or for the provider to take a refresher course... A LOT of training opp. are out there.
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    Rate of fire for purkenjie fibers....

    Thank you!
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    Rate of fire for purkenjie fibers....

    What is the rate of fire for the purkenjie fibers?
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    ALS or BLS?

    Would report the ALS crew for Abandonment... Def. ALS call, and at the very minimum at least following you to hospital with one in the rig with you.
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    EMT-B Research Paper

    THANK YOU FOR THE REFERENCE, Def. looks like it'll help and thank you for the list of potential topics. :)
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    EMT-B Research Paper

    I wanted to try something different something that might actually benefit me in EMS. suggested topics included: Hx of EMS Hx of defib. etc.
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    EMT-B Research Paper

    So here is the facts, before end of class I have to write a 10-12page research paper with no restrictions besides it has to be somehow related to EMS. Any Suggestions? (Topic needs to have a good amount of information available to develop the topic) Some ideas but not to basic related...
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    New 68W Training

    Is there any truth to EMT certification being removed from Medic Training?
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    Obtaining BGL

    For all the states that dont allow basics to do BGL is just one more reason for a basic to work hard and move up the EMS ladder towards Paramedic.
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    the 100% directionless thread - Movie focused, on "No Animals Harmed"
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    I start school soon any advice????

    Fast track emt course Not sure how you are as far as time management but this additional resources is geared to three seperate plans, passing in 2 months, 1 month, and 1 week... Might be a good idea to help you manage your time. etc...
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    Obtaining BGL

    It is within an EMT-B's scope of practice in NY, with Medical Director approval and training.
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    new arizona EMT-B

    I think it is even more difficult to land a position fresh out of school more so today than it has been in the past because of the economy so horrible employers are able to be more “choosy” when trying to get an applicant. Volunteer agencies are starving for members, and some are even comb...