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    Hybrid Program

    Thanks for the reply and the feedback. Good to know others out there have succeeded in this format. It sounds like we had very similar experiences with the EMT hybrid. I poured myself into it and went on also to the NREMT and did great on every skills station - felt very confident - and passed...
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    Hybrid Program

    Thanks for the feedback, very much appreciated. I certainly agree that a traditional class setting is better. Unfortunately, a hybrid class is my only choice to move up to AEMT due to my work schedule, life demands, etc. As you mention CALEMT, I'm trying to figure out how to better understand...
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    Hybrid Program

    (I posted this question in the educ/training section but have not received much feedback). Any thoughts on hybrid AEMT programs - positives/negatives? I took a hybrid EMT-b course, and was 1 of 3 to pass the class. I was good during clinicals and skills sessions, but I also realize that EMTb is...
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    Hybrid AEMT Programs

    I'm currently an EMT-B, and I'm considering taking a Hybrid AEMT course through Lenoir Community College in NC. There are 3 weekend-long campus visits for skills, and otherwise all didactic material is online and of course there are clinical hours. Does anyone have any thoughts/experiences on...