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    Questions about EMS in the Old Northeast and Mid-West

    Like the old NYS EMT-CC, minus the medical control consults.
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    Questions about EMS in the Old Northeast and Mid-West

    Totally agree, I think this is a (if not *the*) major systems challenge in the northeast, especially in rural or exurban areas. (Local control can be great if you have the resources to back it up, even if it is inefficient. ) Yup. This is consistent with what I've seen in the areas I'm familiar...
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    Questions about EMS in the Old Northeast and Mid-West

    I can speak to the more populated parts of CT, where we are very medic heavy and have a mix of commercial services (BLS and ALS), municipal services (largley BLS, some have ALS, and most contract for ALS with a hospital or commercial agency), and hospital services (ALS dominated). The more...
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    The idea of certifications in these fields (assuming it's rigorous) actually makes a lot of sense for employers...
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    Aspirin admission in the US

    Assuming PO comes before PR... Never seen an EMS protocol calling for PR ASA.
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    Any healthcare certificates that don't require a program for bachelor’s degree

    Most EMT programs are <$1000. It’s a semester, usually, and can often be done for free if you volunteer.
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    Online Synchronous Classes

    I’ve been doing some digging for online, synchronous (i.e., live) classes - curious if folks have any recommendations for EMS or EMS-adjacent ones. In particular, I’m looking to get an evening A&P class online. (I already have my routine CME covered with EMSConnect - live with a physician...
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    Palpating a BP

    Color me very suspicious about the reliability of the supposed literature…N’s are small and methodology looks at the very least suspect / subjective. That said, agree with the above - probably not much of the clinical decision making here is driven by DBP - it’s SBP that drives the trauma...
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    Paramedic Fly Car Agencies

    Is anybody aware of any non-observational research that speaks to pluses/minuses for fly-car response? I have my logistical & systems-based intuition on this one (strongly in favor from a budgetary standpoint), but curious on clinical outcomes. I found only one observational study on the subject...
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    Didn't call a stroke alert. Ended up being a stroke

    As much as it is an initial education problem, I wonder if it is also age/life-experience related. I'd posit that younger entrants into the field are more likely to fall prey to the error of attribution more so than others with more life experience.
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    Didn't call a stroke alert. Ended up being a stroke

    Let's break it down piece by piece. "So we were dispatched for a weak woman on side of street. Got there. She was 79 and altered. Didn't know her address couldn't really answer any questions. Obtained vitals and bgl. Couldn't obtain BP because everytime cuff would inflate she would move arm and...
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    Seattle medic one

    I think that is indeed true - on the other hand, the Seattle area has interestingly high paramedic earnings despite the data excluding firefighters, so I'd venture to say that is more about the funding model than anything else.
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    Seattle medic one

    There's no perfect model, but there is a better model for certain constraints. I grant you that there are some synergies and scale advantages (obvious ones are administration, maintenance, training), but when it comes to operating model, I'm not so sure the core competencies or culture of the...
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    Advancing clinical knowledge

    How about a community paramedic course? Might be closer to general 911 work but with a bit of a “mobile health” focus.
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    the 100% directionless thread

    So what’s the best secret menu item?
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    BLS. Do you prefer AHA or Red Cross?

    Interesting - I wonder if that is regional. I have seen AHA & Red Cross as both acceptable, and sometimes ASHI and DoD as well.
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    BLS. Do you prefer AHA or Red Cross?

    Whichever is cheaper (particularly whichever is free).
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    London Ambulance Service: Paramedics needed to meet record levels of demand

    And that’s with a bachelors degree requirement…
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    Movie Marathon Thread

    Anybody seen Top Gun: Maverick yet?
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    Gastric distention

    Looks like it is not uncommon practice based on this ESO data review, even among BLS providers!