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    Placentia Transition with Lynch

    I’m hearing and reading great things about the Placentia transition with Lynch. Lynch has been fully integrated with the new fire department and communications center. From what I’m seeing on their FB accounts the Lynch medics are working out of the fire stations and spend a lot of training...
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    Privatized EMS in Placentia CA
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    Privatized EMS in Placentia CA Wow, just wow. OCFA fire captain delayed the transport of an elderly patient with a head wound because he didn’t want Lynch handling the transport and instead had emergency ambulance...
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    Privatized EMS in Placentia CA

    No, the city is getting a quint to go with the two engines - one of the engines will be an unstaffed reserve engine.
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    Private 9-1-1/ALS Opportunity

    Fire will always have an EMS role - that of an EMT assisting medics as needed and the ocassional patient extrication or technical rescue. Let the medics be medics - and they don’t have to work for public fire departments to do their jobs either.
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    Private 9-1-1/ALS Opportunity

    There’s a much simpler solution: allow the EMS professionals to respond to EMS calls and allow the fire professionals to respond to fires. A medic, EMT and your run of the mill ambulance is all you need - it’s all that’s ever been needed.
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    Private 9-1-1/ALS Opportunity

    Thus further perpetuating the insane logic of sending a 40,000 pound million dollar rig with a million dollar crew riding on it to tend to Uncle Roscoe’s chest pains.
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    Private 9-1-1/ALS Opportunity

    I agree! The more I think about this the more I can see how much money cities can save every year by letting us do our jobs and handle ALS/BLS and let their fire guys put out fires.
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    Private 9-1-1/ALS Opportunity

    I think this is an awesome opportunity. I don’t see anything in the rfp’s That prevents OCFA from submitting a proposal - I think it’s great that they’re being made to compete with everyone else. But that’s assuming they even bother to participate in the process. There is no way OCFA can...
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    Private 9-1-1/ALS Opportunity

    A couple weeks ago I’m reading up on some threads about the history of ALS operations in Orange County and LA County and why private medics and companies have been completely shut out....and then I just came across a press release today from the town of Placentia in Orange County who is asking...
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    Best CA companies for experience

    There’s no replacement for real-world experience. That’s something no amount of education could ever replace and unfortunately what I’m learning is that there is no hope for ever gaining any meaningful experience in LA or Orange County. Riverside County is where all the action is at right now...
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    ALS IFT Vs. 911

    In Orange County ALS Unit is more fire union terminology than anything else....the minimum standard per County policy is one paramedic per unit, also known as a paramedic assessment unit. 2 medics per unit or ALS Unit was dreamt up by the fire union looking to add more dues-paying bodies to...
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    How often do you get to use your skills???

    The insights shared here were really helpful....I guess the big takeaway is that if I want to actually use the skills I’ve learned and hope to develop further I should steer clear of Orange County....that’s ok it’s too expensive here now anyway.
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    Serious Question: Why Does Fire-based EMS sometimes produce such low results?

    Such an interesting thread....I never really thought about the interplay between the Fire based and the EMS based systems but can see now just how different they are in terms of overall patient care and outcomes.