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  1. timmy84

    Favorite Stretcher? Not like ferno or stryker

    All of our cots care Hill Rom "Rugged". They work well. 3 long board, 1 KED, an ancient Ferno stair chair, and a Rugged bariatric cot and an isolette at the base. Oh, and a car seat.
  2. timmy84

    Online Paramedic Program

    It is probably a mix of how often you are available and how many clinical spots the sponsoring hospitals have open. My school actually assigns them to me, so I have no say when it comes time for that, some of the other programs in my area let the students pick from a list of open times (first...
  3. timmy84

    Amateur surgery on

    +1 Even with a glove I wouldn't! However I would be more than willing to drive you to the doctors office, better before they do it than after the home surgery too. One has to wonder about the mental state of a person willing to cut into their drunk buddies skin with a knife without taking...
  4. timmy84

    Intubations dissapearing?

    I was just reading about the S.A.L.T (or SALT for anyone searching without the periods) today. One of my instructors mentioned it about a week ago, and was not able to fully describe it, so I assume it is not all the way out there. Seems like a pretty good product, I wanted to know if anyone...
  5. timmy84

    What do you like most and least

    I love not being stuck in the hospital all day! I also enjoy most everything about the actual job. I do not like the lack of understanding of the job to lay people, and even some people within the medical community (seems outside the ER and critical care areas we are considered taxi cab...
  6. timmy84

    Replacement Stethoscope Eartips

    The ADSCOPE 609 is only 17 bucks, i say just buy another.
  7. timmy84

    How do you carry your radio?

    on my partners waist... my service requires the medic to wear the radio on ALS trucks. When I work basic-basic shifts I tend to leave keep it in the jump bag in the little empty pocket on the front, or if the clip is not broken, clipped to the strap
  8. timmy84

    For everyone who is tired of being called an ambulance driver

    I still work part-time as a nurses aide on a med/surg floor (I cannot afford to quit that job, and my EMT job pays significantly less, and paramedic school is not free), and I am mistaken for all sorts of health care workers. Doctor, Nurse, RT, even housekeeper, whoever the patient is expecting...
  9. timmy84


    I personally like a scope that has binaurals that curve anatomically into my ears. Most of the companies out there seem to do this now, but the straight kind works just as well, I suppose I like the comfort factor. I use the Adscope 609 (cost 17 bucks), and a Littmann Master Classic (given to...
  10. timmy84

    Pre-meds in EMS

    Everyone in EMS seems to be cocky (at least a good number of them). First responder to paramedic to ED nurse to ED doc to medical director. Granted I have only been exposed for a short while, but it is not something one needs to observe for a long time to pick up on. The paramedics resent...
  11. timmy84

    Wish me luck!!! I start my class tomorrow!!!!

    Agreed adolescence is a pivotal stage of psychosocial development. Teens are often focused on doing "what is right" or at least what they believe to be right. This can lead to many psychosocial problems, not to mention to the decreased/absent peer interaction. During the teenage years one is...
  12. timmy84

    Same blue dye in M&Ms linked to reducing spine injury

    I wonder what the other M&M colors will do? :ph34r:
  13. timmy84

    H1N1A Exposure

    We have had three patients who started off on my floor before coming back h1n1 and sent to the ICU for some vent time. Makes you think... how many people came in contact with them before they came to the hospital, even in the hospital. EMS/Family taking them to the ER, everyone in the ER, from...
  14. timmy84

    the 100% directionless thread

    The local Mexican restaurant here sells Mexican Coca-Cola in old time glass bottles too. I always order it when I go.
  15. timmy84

    Rubberneckers, Lookie Loos, and other Civilian Interference Stories

    My instructor once told me that that a man of Romani (more commonly known as a 'Gypsy') descent pulled a knife out on him and told him to deliver his baby, but not to look at his wife's vagina. Fortunately another unit was dispatched with a female medic.
  16. timmy84

    Rubberneckers, Lookie Loos, and other Civilian Interference Stories

    A few years ago I was at the gym when a man collapsed on the treadmill next to mine. I instinctively jumped off and pulled the safety key from his to stop it (and as a side not I always keep mine clipped to my shirt now), and put him on his back. He has a carotid pulse, and was breathing...
  17. timmy84

    Ya'll remember my whacker student thread that I ended up not posting

    LOL, he crazy in the worst way... That's the short of it.
  18. timmy84

    Ya'll remember my whacker student thread that I ended up not posting

    I find the whole situation very creepy. You can almost see the kid poisoning his friend to get the ambulance there again. My impression is borderline personality disorder.
  19. timmy84

    What kinda car do you drive?

    Usually drive my 95 Mustang V6 in the summer, and my 97 Blazer in the winter. I also have a 2001 Buell Blast from my college days (70 mpg). Plus I have two dachshunds (wiener dogs), however their short legs make it difficult to ride them.
  20. timmy84

    Erectile Drug Led to Teen's Death

    Here here! I was my class salutatorian, captain of the lacrosse team, Boys State delegate, inner city student tutor, and worked 18-24 hours a week, and still went to parties where alcohol was served. I was smart enough to not take any pills, but I anyone who wanted to could have slipped me a...