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    New Here

    :P Welcome to EMTLife! :P
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    Saved on TNT

    I love Rescue Me....great drama LOL!:P
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    Victim 'Had A Big Heart'

    Geez, that is just awful....:sad:
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    Hello There

    Welcome to the forum! :P
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    UH.... who did that........

    Speaking of ice cubes...
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    I think were going to hit 1000 members soon

    You win! Buy you a beer? :P
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    My first "real" EMT shift!

    Ditto....having done a fair share of demos and other stuff like that (I'm not a big race/demo fan :::Yawn::: ), I agree with that. Safety is important. And it's not just the guys, I've seen a few chicks throw tantrums out in the arena too.
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    1000 members

    1000 Members! Yay! :beerchug:
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    someone older than me

    Heya Princess.....thanks girl.....for making me smile! I needed that laugh! :P
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    someone older than me

    I'm 40, clean driving record, excellent work history, excellent references, and was top in my class, do ride alongs on a regular basis with good feedback, and have volunteered for 2 1/2 years........................... and I can't get a paid position as an EMT (after three years of submitting...
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    Close call for my son

    I'm glad your son is okay!
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    someone older than me

    If you're the only EMT on scene and you are comfortable with your skills, it's your scene. Now....if you're a jerk about it, you won't make many friends. Just keep in mind, it's all about the patient, and do your best, be professional. You'll do fine.
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    Lab values

    BLOOD TEST REFERENCE RANGE CHART Reference Range (conventional units*) 17 Hydroxyprogesterone (Men) 0.06-3.0 mg/L 17 Hydroxyprogesterone (Women) Follicular phase 0.2-1.0 mg/L 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25(OH)D) 8-80 ng/mL Acetoacetate <3 mg/dL Acidity (pH) 7.35 - 7.45 Alcohol 0...
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    I took EVOC last year, despite not actually being on an ambulance service. Excellent class. Also, my volunteer fire department participated in a driving course sponsered by our insurance under-writers and was attended by several mutual aid companies. By the time they were done with us....we...
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    Holding someones hand

    Why do any of us have to anyone on here? :sad:
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    I hereby change my Status from Student to EMT-B

  17. MariaCatEMT

    What are you?

    I'm volunteer....Firefighter II / EMT-Basic.
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    EMT Code of Ethics I came across this on the internet, just passing it on FYI. EMT Code of Ethics As adopted by the National Association of EMTs Professional status as an Emergency Medical Technician and Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic is maintained and enriched by the...
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    EMT-Basic Student

    I'm sorry for the belated post, I missed this thread! :rolleyes: Welcome to EMTLife, this is a great forum! Good luck in class and all your endeavors! :P
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    TCERT on a date....

    OK you guys STOP IT LOL, I'm laughing so hard I'm crying here!