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    Ellenville EMT breaks rules to help 4-year-old

    What would you do A 20-year-old upstate New York volunteer emergency medical technician was suspended after he broke the rules to drive a four-year-old child to hospital. The board the made the decision to suspend volunteer EMT and squad leader Stephen Sawyer after he drove the Ellenville...
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    Police using Naloxone (video)
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    Duty to Act, Abandonment, and a CCT Pt on board

    Probably look the same as "EMT with patient on board and no room to transport, stops on scene and gets rear ended, killing patient and RT joe smith. Or "EMT stops at accident , and leaves a patient who is on a vent in the back of the ambulance who unfortunately passed away while the EMT...
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    Violent Encounter; Patient Abandonment?

    Can't be serious with this title? abandonment?
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    Broken fingers with elevator BP

    He also shouldn't be altering a run sheet that you did as he made the call BLS and was not the lead on the call. Sounds like basically we have someone who got pissed once they realized the elevated BP made the pt ALS and he's covering his tracks (gave report, changed report, and placed you...
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    Does anyone use SBAR when transferring care of a patient. Is the (R) recommendation in SBAR useless to EMS personal when transferring patient care to an ER team?
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    Pain Management + unresponsive patient

    I see, thanks for the responses. With what Chaz is saying, would pain management be withheld if the trauma patient, was responsive/unresponsive throughout the transport. Awake and screaming-out cold, awake and screaming....
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    Pain Management + unresponsive patient

    Looking for some discussion and wondering.... Are there any systems that allow for pain management in a trauma patient who is unresponsive. 'You pull up, noted multiple fractures, and pt is unresponsive'
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    You JUST learned that's how he died?
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    Importing EMT's and Paramedics?

    I hope not, the market is already tight in EMS no need for immigrants to come in and work it also. The only section of the medical field who should be seeking foreigners is MD/DO.
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    EMT Instructor Trouble

    First I wouldn't create your username as your first name then post what college and class you attend, because if said teacher is reading it can get awkward. There has to be someone higher up you can address your concerns too, as there is not much else you can really do.
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    Delete American paramedics.

    because there has been enough encroachment from "doctor" nurses and the BON. I wouldn't want someone who took their masters programme online and has a year of CCMed working me up in a medical emergency, sorry. PA or degree medic and no more I got my medic to be a FF types. In fact ask a lot...
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    Delete American paramedics.

    NP no, PA yes or increase the paramedic education degree only. and cut the cord between fire and EMS
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    AMR's Fate

    We can only hope so. Maybe other counties will take note.
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    Bystander Denied Access to Ambulance - Legal Issues?

    With protocol restriction down there you might as well have a civilian in the back;)
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    Man jumps out of ambulance (news article)

    They should, and I do agree with everyone it is a judgement call. But in this case it's a company policy. I am way to biased for a debate JPINFV, Merry Christmas.
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    Man jumps out of ambulance (news article)

    Who said anything about a 10 year old girl? I didn't. That's a totally different circumstance, clearly I know a lot more about the situation that I will not post, so leave it out. I'm not blaming anyone but fault lands somewhere. I won't be commenting on this anymore. RIP Brett, we all miss you.
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    When do you know what you are doing?

    They need to stop becoming paramedics so they can join the fire dept. I'm sorry but the combination of fire/ems has done nothing but destroyed something that has the potential to be the best in the world.
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    Man jumps out of ambulance (news article)

    RIP Brett, I'll miss you man. The company transporting him has a policy of all 5150's are restrained. Someone is getting in trouble and they deserve some form of punishment, if they didn't follow protocol. Sad day all around as I am close to the company and knew Brett very well.