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    Do you carry a full intubation kit? (Personal bag)

    I have a personal backpack type bag I bring to work as a solo medic prior to volunteer arrival. Trying to consolidate the bag a bit. It has a tube and IV kit. In the tube kit I have the full span of Mac and miller blades. I never plan to use a miller blade for anything larger than an infant...
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    Emergency Lights & Sirens on POV?

    I'm late to the party on this one... After reading this thread, I think I am going to quit my job and move. To add to that, I have worked for the city of new york for 6 years as an emt, paramedic and presently firefighter. I have never once stumbled upon trouble I wasn't looking for. If you...
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    Compact drug insert for personal bag

    I thought about the tackle boxes but they don't really facilitate the bristojet shooters and larger ampules like D50 and BiCarb
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    Compact drug insert for personal bag

    I just ordered the 5.11 ALS Responder backpack. It hasn't come yet but it looks like it comes with a pretty sizeable IV and airway kit module. I am looking for a drug module I can put in it, 5.11 doesn't sell one. Not looking for a giant full size kit, just something that will hold at least...
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    FDNY EMS Candidates

    Enjoy carrying your added weight of that chair up the 100 flights... Can't go down if you don't go up first.
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    FDNY EMS Candidates

    Depends where you go if they just tell you this is what your working or if they give you a choice. More than likely you won't get a choice. It will either be morning, evening or overnights and unless you do mutuals you will stay on those hours every day you work. For anyone iffy about...
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    Healthy salad dressing/toppings?

    I often use straight red wine vinegar. 0 calories. You won't beat that unless you pour water over your salad...
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    Question about FDNY EMT

    Not entirely true. They do their best to send people who live on staten island, to staten island. If the spots are available, the people who reside on the island will have priority. As far as I am concerned, if I work for NYC And I have to pay a toll to the city, to get to my place of...
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    Question about FDNY EMT

    You would be absolutely crazy to not work on S.I if you live there. You won't make enough to justify paying that toll and killing yourself with a painful commute. There is no "paying your dues" in EMS. At least not in NYC.
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    soon to take my NYS Paramedic exam!

    NY states exam is very easy and straight forward.
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    What is a 24 hour shift worth?

    ^_^ Yea, about a month and a half ago now. Loving it. Funny thing is, I do more EMS runs now on a daily basis than I did as a medic.
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    What is a 24 hour shift worth?

    Now that I think about it, in NYC EMS actually makes more overnight than during the day. I forget the exact hours but from like 8pm to 8am maybe? You get a 12% increase. But FDNY EMS does not let you do 24s. You can only do 16s. So your work week could be either 5 days of 8 hours or 16/16/8 off...
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    What is a 24 hour shift worth?

    I get paid the same wage no matter how I choose to work my hours. (excluding overtime) I work 2 day shifts (9-6) and 2 night shifts (6-9) roughly every week. I can make those into two, 24 hour shifts so I have to come in to work less by doing a mutual exchange with a co-worker so that I work...
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Am I the only one who thinks the toughbook is the biggest joke of a laptop ever created? Its what, like $3-4,000 for one. Another $1200 for the charger, atleast the one we have, and its the slowest piece of junk out there. For $4,000 i could build a laptop and it would be lightning fast...
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    How do you know if someone is a volunteer EMT?

    If they don't, their car certainly will.
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    Brooklyn EMT Cleared Of Wrong Doing

    The NY Post is also a major hater of civil servants. They do everything they possibly can to go after FDNY, EMS, Sanitation and NYPD. Funny thing is their headquarters overlooks the FDNY academy.
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    Fire academy

    I ran roughly 6 miles for our final run of the academy at an 8 to 8:30 pace. We started with a 1.5mile test run to make sure everyone can keep the pace. Then we slowly worked up over 18 weeks from 2 miles. Lot of pushups and jumping jacks. Planks. High rep dumbbell movements with 10 lb...
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    Brooklyn EMT Cleared Of Wrong Doing

    All FDNY EMS dispatchers are EMTs. (medics can't work dispatch) She was supposedly in uniform which I don't doubt because how would anyone know of her position with FDNY if she was anonymously dressed? I wasn't there, but if I had been in her supposed position I could not imagine just sitting...
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    fdny emt civil service exam

    So? anyone get called?
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    why is it so difficult finding a job? NYC

    Its actually next to impossible to get on sanitation in NYC... good gig.