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  1. MMiz

    NC Paramedics

    Have you seen how much Wake County EMS is paying their medics (starting pay $61,000+)? I'd find a reasonable place to live in a surrounding county and commute to Wake County.
  2. MMiz

    ACLS and PALS course

    I am an AHA instructor, but don't teach ACLS, and am not your instructor. GoACLS offers "indirect" AHA ACLS and Pals courses. According to them:
  3. MMiz

    Paramedic Certificate to Degree

    If I were to need a degree, just for the sake of getting a degree, I'd be looking at Western Governor's University. They have a many different health degrees. All asynchronous, at your own pace, with either an exam or short essay at the end of each course. In healthcare I don't think anyone...
  4. MMiz

    Thoughts on RNs being allowed to challenge Medic exam?

    That's essential what Western Governors University does. You can complete an undergrad degree in a month if you can pass the tests. The degree isn't prestigious, but it's a degree. It's on the individual employer if they accept the degree as worthwhile.
  5. MMiz


    Please see:
  6. MMiz

    Looking to become an emt don’t know where to start

    Welcome to EMTLIFE! Here is some government provided information about the career outlook for EMS. The Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) provides a list of accredited programs in each state. Each state also likely has a list of approved programs. Here...
  7. MMiz

    Any healthcare certificates that don't require a program for bachelor’s degree

    Some of the most assessable programs in the medical field include nurse aid, medical assistant, dental assistant, and phlebotomy.
  8. MMiz

    International student visa, BS degree in biology, thinking about EMT rn. Should I apply for it?

    I doubt anyone here has the legal expertise to answer your question. I'd contact an immigration attorney. Avvo might be a start.
  9. MMiz

    Medic no more...

    I feel for you. I'm sorry your EMS career ended so unceremoniously. Though we've never met, for the nearly two decades you've been part of our community I've imagined you to be somewhat of a renegade, badass medic. It's so EMS-like that it wasn't shrapnel in Afghanistan that got you, but...
  10. MMiz

    Interfacility Question

    At 12+ hours, wouldn't it be cheaper for the patient and more comfortable for the patient to go by fixed wing air? Can you have the receiving facility pick up and transport the patient?
  11. MMiz

    Thoughts on RNs being allowed to challenge Medic exam?

    This is going to be an unpopular opinion, but I think that if you can pass the licensing exam and have the required hours internship hours, you should be able to be licensed in EMS. Michigan didn't allow nurses or other providers to challenge EMS exams when I was going to school. I had a Nurse...
  12. MMiz

    Telehealth companies may have shared patient data with tech companies

    I was notified this year that my local hospital had a social media company's tracking pixel embedded in their patient portal. I was frustrated and disappointed. While I personally prefer in-person visits, it's hard to argue against how much more assessable telehealth had made healthcare for...
  13. MMiz

    Paramedic pretends to be a doctor. It goes about as you'd expect.

    Based on what I've found online it looked like he also used an MD's NPI code. Acadian seems to be downplaying his role over the past few years. Shocking that he was able to pull it off for so long.
  14. MMiz

    EOlife X device for the training on manual ventilation

    The EOlife looks invaluable if it lives up to the hype. Is it accurate? How useful do you find the data it provides?
  15. MMiz

    the 100% directionless thread

    Have there been any take-aways or suggestions on how to avoid a similar situation in the future? I feel like what happened in the back of the rig happens countless times in each ambulance across the world.
  16. MMiz

    New Here

    This is a discussion forum, we discuss EMS-related topics in public via the forum. This isn't a general chat/discussion forum. If you're interested in nursing, I'd suggest: AllNurses - nursing subreddit - Traven Nursing Forum...
  17. MMiz

    Practice exams for NC EMT?

    Paging @DrParasite
  18. MMiz

    What happened to Cypress Creek EMS?

    Thanks for the update! It will be interesting to see what Wren Nealy, Brian Gillman, and Levon Vartanian do next.
  19. MMiz

    EMS system needs vs human biological needs

    I worked for a 911/IFT private service running BLS calls and first response to emergencies. While we rarely ran from call to call, there were times we notified dispatch that we'd be on "pager and prep for a detail." It wasn't an ask, it was a declaration. There was a shift where I was working...
  20. MMiz

    syringe holder?

    Was it something like this or this?