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    Where would i find a bag organizer?

    what did you google? i have been looking under "ems bag organizer / divider , jump bag organizer" and whatnot and have not had much luck.
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    Where would i find a bag organizer?

    they have like a car trunk organizer which would be ok but its too big to fit in the bag.
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    Where would i find a bag organizer?

    I got a nifty little jump bag to keep in my personal vehicle for Christmas, however it didnt come with any kind of organization system for the inside of the bag, like where you can divide the inside into little compartments. Any suggestions of where I might find something like this? any...
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    Do you have a partner or a co-worker riding with you? What's the diff?

    "Partner of the day" over here. My company is small enough though that everyone pretty much knows everyone and we all get along. not a big deal to me.
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    What have you packed or carried which was useless? What d'you leave OUT!

    well, since all of our rigs are the Van type, we can;t really pack-rat too much because theres not much space to begin with. I do agree with the person that said sometimes actually getting back to home-base to restock is harder than it sounds. Usually, the way we work it is we will stock up the...
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    My first code

    to the OP: welcome to the wild and crazy emotional roller coaster that is EMS. Like others have said, usually after a couple rounds of drugs if you're not getting anything then its a lost cause. It also depends on the hospital and the doctors there at the time. For example, I know in my area...
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    You Might Be In EMS If...

    If some of your pts ask for a referral to a good doctor, and you recommend Dr. Darwin
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    Electronic Patient Care Records (ePCRs)

    well, out of the 2 paid services in the area, one uses them one does not. I work for the one that does not. A good friend of mine works for the other place and says it took him a while to get used to them, but they are great. My company will be moving to them shortly, I beleive we are trying to...
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    When the rig DOESN'T respond.

    well, since we use a paid ambulance service (all ambulances are ALS) which has to meet a 7 minute response time (which is hardly EVER an issue) in conjunction with the volly FD, getting care to the pt in more than 7 minutes is hardly ever an issue.
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    CPR on stretcher

    its our companies protocol to get it going before we move the pt. and as I think I said, where I'm at, theres so many hospitals that you can be to one less that 5-10 min from just about anywhere, so like I said, for our particular situation I just think its more of a hassle than its worth.
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    When the rig DOESN'T respond.

    paid service (which I work for) is dispatched simultaneously with the vollie FD companies (I am also in one of those) in my area. baiscally, it works like this: ambulance company is notified by fire dispatch of the call, ambulance and fire are dispatched by the respective agencies. 95% of the...
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    A Very Sad Day for Me

    all i really have to say is this: I thought EMS was what I really wanted to do, so i went and took my class, and after the first couple classes, I thought I could never do it and thought about quitting myself. I had to take a few moments and just sit back, relax and not take it so serriously and...
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    If there were no EMT-B certification .....

    i wouldnt trade the experience I get as a basic for anything. Working with a medic for a while, you start to learn a lot of what they do, so going into medic school you already have a basic idea of whats going on. Also, if you think about it, you can't do your medic skills without the basics, so...
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    Putting a virtual doctor in the ambulance

    just to add to the above: honestly, theres enough hospitals where I'm at that usually by the time we get the basic workup done on a pt and get our basic information and some preliminary treatment, we are either at the hosiptal or withing a 2 or 3 minutes of being there anyway.
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    CPR on stretcher

    I'm saying if you're in a tight spot where it would be really hard to maneuver a pt on a LSB around corners and down stairs. in my area, we have a lot of really old buildings and houses with extremely narrow staircases that make really tight turns. We use a stairchair a LOT and even then...
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    CPR on stretcher

    the things cost like 10 grand each i think. something stupid expensive. personally, I do not like them at all. they look great on paper and in the demo videos, but in the real world, I think they suck. depending on the size of the pt, its sometimes hard to get them positioned right, wires and...
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    Oxygen: Does it help with pain?????

    I agree with whoever said it could potentially help the chest pain or other o2 deprivation oriented problem. I also agree that for, lets just say for conversation sake, a broken leg, that while it's unlikely to help the pain caused by the broken leg, I think that giving it to a pt and...
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    Putting a virtual doctor in the ambulance

    well, not saying this is a bad idea, but I can't really think of much aside from the video aspect that we don't already have. I believe (don't quote me on this) that the Zoll monitors we use have bluetooth capability and can transmit just about everything you can see on the monitor screan to...
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    Public Agency - Poor ALS Skills

    not really sure what you're referring to by "public agency" but around here, <10% of the fire companies do thier iwn transports. one of the 2 major ambulance companies does the, and all ambulances are either ALS or a BLS one can be dispatched with an ALS fly car. way it usually works is the call...
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    CPR on stretcher

    my company uses this lovely piece of crap, so its never an issue i hate this thing, and unfortunately its company policy to use it.