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    Hey! I'd love a copy of your notes to review. First time taking FP-C, haven't been doing...

    Hey! I'd love a copy of your notes to review. First time taking FP-C, haven't been doing critical care for long. Would you recommend purchasing the ACE prep videos in lieu of a course? The money isn't a big deal to me if it's worthwhile. Email: Thanks!
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    New-Hire Scenarios

    I might be posting in the wrong location, but I did a search & could find what I'm looking for. My company is doing patient care scenarios for new-hire paramedics, anybody have any advice? We need an objective grading scale which is where I'm having trouble deciding which way to go. Any advice...
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    Versed IN verses IM

    I've used IN versed & it works very well & very quickly through the MAD. My first inclination is that you should start double checking your company's narcotic policy, backstock & start watching for other signs if ineffective narcotics.. Stay vigilant, it happens. :|
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    Promotions in EMS

    I apologize, this post is going to seem self-serving, but I couldn't find any similar threads & this could be an interesting conversation to have! I love my job, I love my system, but my current position isn't the end-game. We all have future plans for new degrees certs to change systems &...
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    Albuterol alternative for allergic reactions

    Patients with allergies to peanuts are cautioned about Albuterol or Atrovent (Ipratropium) inhalers. The allergic risk is to the aerosols in MDI's & not the associated drugs, nebulized breathing treatments don't use soy-lethicin (sp?) so the drugs aren't contraindicated for peanut allergies.
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    Paramedic to RN

    ..damn.. yep, my mistake. Medic to RN is the intended question, I don't think I can modify the poll anymore.. :| & thanks for the input ABC!
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    Paramedic to RN

    Time for a vote! (Please) I'm going to refrain from explaining my personal situation for the sake of just having a poll on the quality of education from a typical Medic --> RN program.
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    Withholding oxygen in MI

    I can't quote on my phone but regarding the ventilation of a head inured patient, they explained the danger in the excess elimination of co2 to dangerously low levels during *hyper*ventilation. But I never felt that normal respirations would cause a co2 drop significant enough to exacerbate ACS...
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    Withholding oxygen in MI

    Excellent, thank you all. Yes I obviously realize that it isn't going to fix to the the occlusion, just have been taught that in ACS: more oxygen-bound hemoglobin can't hurt aside from the usual contraindications. This is the first time I'm hearing about the vasoconstrictive properties of...
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    Withholding oxygen in MI

    Hello. Vague question but our MPD mentioned a change in protocols for "chest painers" at a county meeting. This change was to - when dealing with chest pain of cardiac origin - not administer oxygen unless pt's spO2 was low 90's or below, stating that there's a risk of detrimental effects when...
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    Scared of being a Paramedic??

    Being a bit anxious just means you care about what you'll be doing and you respect the job's challenges, very normal response. Btw: always keep some of the fear, it's a great motivator to always study more. Sent from my G2X on tapatalk. Forgive my typos. ; )
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    Bgl invasive

    I've seen basics completely botch checking blood glucose levels, using lancets like scalpels etc.. some people find it easy to make a simple skill dangerous or at least very complicated. Our basics could read sp02, check bg & place combi tubes a few years ago in one county immediately after emt...
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    EMT BUFF Test

    Haha Arctic Cat I'm with ya, I answered then all correct.. But only have stories behind 34 of them. W don't respond POV over here, off duty is off duty & vollies respond in agency rigs. Entertaining quiz!
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    TuRu - In Washington State to be accepted in all programs that I know of, you have to have a current EMT-B or Intermediate cert that has been active for 1year. It does not require you to have been with an agency & practicing for that full year. My opinion, having just finished medic schooling...
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    Racemic Epi Question

    Ohh okay sorry but your first post flew over my head.. with you restating as above (plus the couple episodes of Breaking Bad I've seen) it makes sense! I suppose that's what a coworker was trying to say, that nebulized epi will do the trick, while we don't carry R-Epi. Thank you!
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    Racemic Epi Question

    I was recently told the same information, anecdotally without sources. Epi 1:1000 & NS = Homemade Racemic Epi. But can't find any real information on the topic. Read up on Racemic Mixtures & I'm sure that a on-the-fly mixing of NS&Epi isn't technically Racemic & I'm going to ask our MPD about...
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    What can you tell me about active variceal hemorrhage

    Thanks usalfyre, so you're not for pressors pre-hemorrhage control, are you for running crystalloids? Or just expedite until you're at the ED? Yeah, the article isn't entirely relevant but I felt like the first couple paragraphs did a good job of summarizing what I've been taught about the...
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    What can you tell me about active variceal hemorrhage

    What I've been taught recently & what I've read shows that the standard of care is crystalloids/colloids & catecholamine pressors. Yes, that includes uncontrolled hemorrhages. My mental math, however, does come to the conclusion that with how fast NS extravasates the attempted BP maintenance...
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    Post the # your test stopped at, and if you Passed/Failed

    Just took it today 1pm Pacific.. hasn't posted yet! :D Stay tuned.