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  1. Fastfrankie19151

    Paramedic Fly Car Agencies

    In my area right outside Philadelphia a few health systems use fly cars. Trinity health aka Mercy health and Crozer Keystone Health both use fly cars if the medic is needed and the ambulance has a third they would usually drive the fly car to the hospital. However at times they leave it parked...
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    What's that red button on the radio for?

    In my county the emergency vehicles are all tracked via gps via mdt so the mobile radio panic buttons automatically send the police to all police vehicles along with a ambulance depending on the nature of the call the officer is out on at that time. All Ems units automatically get the police and...
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    Seattle medic one

    Sounds absolutely pointless all those wasted tax payer money only to give patient to a private contractor
  4. Fastfrankie19151

    Seattle medic one

    That makes a lot of sense thank you
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    Please please tell us where you got this super Ems X-ray vision that allows you to see through akin to make sure the patient doesn’t have a broken bone etc.
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    Seattle medic one

    Just curious for those Seattle people what’s the difference between your standard Ems Ambulance and Medic one vehicles ? They are both Advanced Life Support correct ?
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    AMR E Ambulance

    Sorry still seems too unreliable one little thing goes wrong and the truck is dead yes it can happen with a gas or diesel rig but those are way more reliable. Maybe if it had a regular engine as a back up.
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    Do you need to stop at MVAs? What do you do if there is no need for EMS

    In Pennsylvania you have a duty to act now as long as you at least notify emergency services you indeed have acted. However If you are in a marked vehicle even if it is a private transport company you have to stop. I stopped for a accident about 15 years ago in my work vehicle non emergency...
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    What was your first 911 call?

    Cardiac arrest turned out to be a doa second was a welfare check with Pd turned out to be deceased several days third same day was a cardiac arrest in a mall what a first day
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    Should I have had als on this call

    In my opinion no need for als however that being said when in doubt call them. They can always tell you it’s a Bls call if you are unsure rather be safe then sorry.
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    Looking for a compact reliable Glucometer

    Oh fancy orange like the stripes on the ambulance lol
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    Do you have to follow your Agency's clinical protocols exactly as written?

    It is called a protocol here however they are guidelines if you have a justified reason for not following them step by step and it is not dangerous to patient care our medical director and Qa will back us
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    Favorite power stretcher

    We ended up going with Stryker and the power load and all
  14. Fastfrankie19151

    Favorite power stretcher

    Seen a few around here looking at new ones at the agency I’m with so looking for opinions is all.
  15. Fastfrankie19151

    Favorite power stretcher

    If you could choose between the Stryker or Ferno which one would you pick and why? And if Ferno which model if you have a favorite?
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    FTO instructed me to “make up” vital signs

    Cover your butt get your own set on every patient and document it if something happens and you end up in court you don’t want someone else’s lies to come back on you.
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    Philadelphia area

    New service based in Chester county Pennsylvania looking for Emt’s full and part time good pay newer equipment and a hiring bonus under certain conditions please reply to address on the flyer or message me to inquire.
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    Potential media ride-along / special

    Philadelphia has had video crews in the past also look at Crozer Chester Medical in Delaware County Pa or Mercy Fitz Ems in Delaware County Pa two very busy hospital based systems
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    Masks post COVID-19

    A surgical mask on every call anything airway or fever n95 any nature unknown N95