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  1. ghost02

    the 100% directionless thread

    How is ascent compared to IA and Flightbridge? I’m hoping it’s a middle ground between IA meds questionable medicine and flightbridges “in the weeds” for newer providers. @VentMonkey
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    New Eurocopters Coming Soon

    It looks good as far as I can see. Wonder where the old one is going to go. Maybe skylife needs two?
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    Hall Air

    It is bittersweet, but there is a lot to be said for being a part of the big company for a change. One of the few times the grass is greener. Much better program than others but that’s all I’m going to say on that.
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    Helicopter Stuff and Things

    Sad to see it go, but I’m sure you’ll all enjoy AMC. There are definitely worse flight companies to be at.
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    Supraglotiic Airway Use by EMT's

    I wish I had actual, hard, service wide numbers but unfortunately I do not, so anecdote will have to do. When I was working on an ambulance as the only medic on scene, I was 50% first pass DL with a bougie. I did not have very good training or understanding on the preparation or skill of...
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    Supraglotiic Airway Use by EMT's

    As dogmatic and regulatory driven as the state is, I wouldn't necessarily say its a bad thing. For the average single service single county medic, most of the counties do a good job of ensuring that the medics working the area are very familiar with it, as well as what the particular county MD...
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    New Mexico Paramedic License

    Nice and quick!
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    New Mexico Paramedic License

    Did you do the fingerprint card as well?
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    New Mexico Paramedic License

    Aha of course you decide to go to the dreaded New Mexico. Go to Blakes Lottaburger, surprisingly good regional fast food. They were pretty easy to deal with and the temporary lasts a while. Testing in Santa Fe and Roswell I believe.
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    Got a billing question? Ask Away!

    Hence my question, if the fbo doesn't have a car we normally take a uber or lyft but that makes me incredibly uncomfortable with so much equipment. Same for the driver. I was curious how much a return trip would be and if it can be reimbursed.
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    Got a billing question? Ask Away!

    How would a return trip for a specialty crew be billed? For example a flight crew drops a patient off and needs a return trip without a patient, just crew and supplies?
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    EMS Compact

    So then it doesn't really do anything of significance. Thank you for seeing and highlighting that, its not a clear read.
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    EMS Compact Does anyone know much about this? The way it reads is identical to the Nurses License Compact where if you licensed in one compact state then you are licensed in all the others without needed to apply for reciprocity in those states. I might be misunderstanding it though, but it...
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    Beta CCP-C Test

    Just have to respond to say that made me laugh.
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    Stemi? or no?

    I was under the impression that concordance does not apply to lead 2 and 3. I'll double check, if wrong then meets criteria and I need to brush up! I was wrong, using original criteria does not apply, but modified for OMI does. Thank you for the correction! Good to know!
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    Stemi? or no?

    I don't see a STEMI, but I do see a LBBB. Whether that is new or not is a good question though. The reason I say it is a LBBB is >0.12 QRS in V1 with .6 R wave in V6. It does not meet sgarbossa criteria. The problem is that with witnessed self resolved Vtach, as well as clinical presentation...
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    $20,000 sign-on bonus plus housing assistance

    I by no means intend to be rude, so please don't take it as a slight, but what's the catch?
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    Pride-Ego-Humble-Patient Centered Care

    Thanks for the reference, I'll get it done this week.
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    Trying to figure out SOAP

    I used to have a similar issue, we aren't required to use the SOAP method, but looking at my documentation before and after, it is a huge improvement. Subjective: I normally introduce the patient "Tbe patient is a 75 year old white male..." then chief complaint in patients words "...
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    The more you know, the less you know

    I think I have a better course of study now, thank you Remi for the suggestions on books. I'll take a look more at the ANS E tank, thanks. Not taken as a knock at all!