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    2022 EMS Conferences

    Got my second child (first son) due in March, so schedule will be tight but I am hoping to make Fast 22 as well. It's a reason to go to Vegas, although going to be a hard sell to the wifey :)

    What does your agency ride in...

    Volunteer chase medic trucks are. This is the new county paid service scheme.

    2021 EMS Conferences

    Looking to get back into the conference game next year, although I got a another kid on the way so we shall see. I typically like to turn my "work educational trips" into that mixed with some partying, some hiking, and a lot of breweries or adult beverages.


    The C-NPT is heavy in congenital abnormalities, reading ABG's, chest x-rays for line placement, and labs. Much of the content comes from NRP & STABLE, so you definitely have a leg up with those classes, but it's a fairly in depth exam. I carried with when I was flying for a peds/neo team...

    What does your agency ride in...

    Gucci truck

    Haix Airpower R2, size 12, brand new

    For sale is a brand new never worn pair of Haix Airpower R2 boots, size 12 medium width, brand new without the box. Link below for full description. These are super comfortable boots that last forever, and are great for Fire/EMS/HEMS. $225.00 Price is shipped to lower 48, Paypal, VENMO. Retail...

    Who carries a med kit in their vehicle off-duty?

    I keep a fairly extensive kit in my truck, but it is for myself & my family only. I don't stop out at accidents and such when off duty.

    The Gun Thread

    Plenty of potential wife replacements out there, not so much for the WW2 M1. I say roll the dice and buy the gun :)

    Hanging up the flightsuit

    Yup, completely agree. I love the job and my company, unfortunate I’m just plateaued and there isn’t any more upward mobility. My family and what’s best for our future take precedence, so it makes it a little easier knowing it’s the best choice for us.
  10. CANMAN

    Hanging up the flightsuit

    Thanks man, I appreciate it! I would have loved to get into something like that as well. Unfortunately, there aren’t many opportunities like that in my area and the pipeline for promotional opportunities within my program pretty much depend on you living in Pittsburgh. My wife doesn’t want to...
  11. CANMAN

    Hanging up the flightsuit

    Well the time has come to hang up the old helmet and flight suit. I have taken a job (most likely my last job) as a Career EMS Supervisor / Lieutenant with one of the local county government start up systems. This opportunity was unexpected, but presented itself at just the right time, and the...
  12. CANMAN

    Video Laryngoscope Thread

    CMAC on the aircraft F.T. & UE Scope on the ground P.T. CMAC wins hands down over any VL device I have put my hands on.
  13. CANMAN

    The (Long-Term) Finance Thread

    I’m very fortunate in the fact that my wife makes great money (Executive Director of Nursing) and I have worked my butt off, multiple jobs, for multiple years, and tried to saved while also living life. My grandparents recently passed away and the money they left us we dumped into a 529 for my...
  14. CANMAN

    The (Long-Term) Finance Thread

    This is all solid advice. The only thing I disagree with now a days is the whole "don't buy anything on credit or credit cards" push. There is A TON of money to be made buy utilizing credit cards AND being responsible and paying them off every month. My wife and I have two primary cards we use...
  15. CANMAN

    EMT or Athletic Trainer

    It's kinda concerning the amount of people talking about IFT and "in control"..... Apparently some people need a lesson on EMTALA and Physician responsibility when still inside their facility.
  16. CANMAN

    Helicopter Stuff and Things
  17. CANMAN

    Criminal Backgrounds and DMV

    From another perspective, maybe it wasn't even a terrible choice... Some people need to catch an *** whooping every once in a blue moon🤕
  18. CANMAN

    Helicopter Stuff and Things

    Sounds like they picked up that construction black mesh fence with the rotor arch during lift (FOD) and were able to set it down from fairly minimal altitude. Skids did exactly what they/re supposed to do.
  19. CANMAN

    Helicopter Stuff and Things

    Yup Cleveland Metro LifeFlight, dual pilot and they're a Metro Aviation program. Good program, and hats off to that pilot. That is exactly how I would want that scenario to end!
  20. CANMAN

    Helicopter Stuff and Things

    Which program? You got a pic? 525 is a bit overkill IMO for civilian HEMS. Kinda like MSP in their AW139’s, but don’t get me started.