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  1. firetender

    Ecuador 7.8 Earthquake: Community Leader Emeritus Seeks Help

    Yes, I did DE, and a couple others. I'm learning on the fly everything I can; Keep feeding me, compadres!
  2. firetender

    Ecuador 7.8 Earthquake: Community Leader Emeritus Seeks Help

    In an ideal world we could find a Sponsoring Organization with a track record to mobilize their resources so we could funnel interested Disaster Relief personnel (from here) into the project.
  3. firetender

    Ecuador 7.8 Earthquake: Community Leader Emeritus Seeks Help

    My goal is to get the ball, ANY ball rolling. For now, please feed me with site or e-mail links to organizations that have experience in this stuff so I can at least make initial contacts and request coordination help. THANKS!
  4. firetender

    Ecuador 7.8 Earthquake: Community Leader Emeritus Seeks Help

    Hi, compadres, from Russ Reina, that firetender guy. As some of you know, I moved to Ecuador about three years ago. It is what’s now called a “Developing Nation”. Ecuador is about the size of Colorado with a population of about 14,000,000. On April 16th, the coastal area was rocked by a 7.8...
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Following the Snake River from Utah all the way into Montana -- especially this time of year -- is one of the most gorgeous and fun (watch them turns Ninja!) Routes in the U.S.! Go to Glacier following Flathead Lake and make sure to get some of their cherries!
  6. firetender

    A Case of Triage?

    What would you have done?
  7. firetender

    I need help. Dealing with Gross crap

    Focus on you're own breathing is something even I had never thought of before; perfect!
  8. firetender

    Compressions only

    AHA guidelines still call for interposing breaths. I recall hearing about studies showing that persistent compressions well done at the rate of 100/minute with all focus on them and no attention to breaths are what works. Can't find it/them
  9. firetender

    Compressions only

    Could someone please link me to the best study available documenting the efficacy of compressions only (and at what rate) and/or a study that best establishes the optimum ratio of Compressions to breaths. Thanks!
  10. firetender

    Got a lot on my mind...

    How about "Thanks for the truth!" folks I'll start: Thank you for putting into words things that most of the people on this site haven't had to face (you're obviously in a high volume area and it seems catching a lot of calls dealing with people close to you) and being honest with yourself...
  11. firetender

    never thought id say it but

    The reality of the little profession that never was is that burnout is so prevalent in it that it's pretty much an if not today then tomorrow thing. Am I lying to say it's only a matter of time before the deficits outweigh the benefits? Typically, that takes the form of at a certain point...
  12. firetender

    Idiot partners beware!

    I dunno; stuff like that happened all the time back in the day in my service area!
  13. firetender

    Idiot partners beware!

    How many of you have wanted to do this? Of those, how many haven't for fear of doing what this guy almost did?
  14. firetender

    Street vs. Book

    That's a BINGO!
  15. firetender

    I can't stand being a paramedic.

    I'm just wondering what's going on underneath it all. You state you loved every minute of school and loved the job for about six months and then you find yourself with one partner who is doing something "unsafe" and then you start running all these reasons why it's a sucky job and/or company...
  16. firetender

    Food for thought: PTSD and YOU!

    I ran in to a brief article on something we all know, but don't talk about, on Security Industry Forum in the U.K. Paramedics see more trauma, death and tragedy than most front line soldiers It led me on a trail that brought me to some...
  17. firetender

    New USA TV Series "Sirens"

    I predict more of you will be insulted than enthralled.
  18. firetender

    the 100% directionless thread

    Burn it and anything else that had contact with them. Bedbugs crank out 200 eggs at a sitting. All they have to do is sit in your clothes a couple of minutes and then walk away leaving you a houseful of worries.
  19. firetender

    New USA TV Series "Sirens"

    Well, at least we're making sure that the world is getting to know us as the professionals we are!
  20. firetender

    Off duty and inebriated

    Let him die! That's what we're talking about here, isn't it? But then again, if you're sober enough to recognize that he WILL die if you do nothing, that means you're sober enough to do something. If you're sober enough to do something and you stand around (or get crushed by all the...