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    Man's death puts spotlight on paramedics’ wait-for-police policy

    Judging by the posts here, nobody's bothered to read the reports on this one, have they? The EMD f***ed up, the Medics f***ed up, the supervisor was left with a difficult decision. In the meantime, the situation went south for the old man. Here's the link to the reports. Read them...
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    EMS License Plates now ready

    ... The graphic designed either ripped off their state plate, and added random EMS vectors to that... OR The graphic designer has a split personality, one being a child that has discovered photoshop, clip-art and shiny fonts! (There's no sense of balance, proper typesetting, or "design" on...
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    Zero Tolerance of Rudeness/Attacks/Inflammatory Posts

    QFT. This man understands the internets. ^_^
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    Ambulance Strike

    EDIT: I know they got their small win last week, feel free to post these anyways, they need ~173 signatures still. Posted this on my twitter, along with this quote, Tweet 1: "Nearly 20 percent of Victorian ambos found that 75% made mistakes due to xtreme fatigue. Avg ~6 hours sleep nightly...
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    Edit time restriction

    Not that anyone cares, but I've generally stopped posting because of the ensuing bull that's occurred after a few things that I've posted or replied to. There's no way to go back, edit, and/or remove (with a note explaining why) content after it's started a giant s***storm, and the I hate...
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    ... or a late night ninja-stealth attack with bubble wrap and duct-tape? (I'm surprised more corners haven't been covered by the "2-3 inch thick corner bumpers" that that ambulance above even has a few of...)
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    As goes for anything that's unrestrained, as big as your monitor (if not strapped down properly), or as small as your shears if you've put them down somewhere and not back in your holster/pants. :ph34r: *poof*
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    Uninsured MVC

    Sounds nice. Is that anywhere near Summer Falls? :P :ph34r: *poof*
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    I'm not going to bother getting into the physics of it (again, arguing over the internet is like... ), but there's a reason that racedrivers use the HANS device ( ) A helmet adds the equivalent of "unsprung weight" to your body. The back of the...
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    I agree wholeheartedly.
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    Uninsured MVC

    Never said I *wanted* it fixed, just that you can't fix it! It's kind like permenant job security for us :P
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    My comm teacher also teaches psych, but I'm not going to get into that, because arguing on the internet is like... (you can finish that sentence yourself). I never said I was an expert on the subject, and you're right, there are situations where it can make it worse... but; Is it acceptable...
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    Uninsured MVC

    Quoted for truth. ... as they say, "You can't fix stupid."
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    My communications teacher would call that a definite need for CISD. I actually just finished completing that section (5 pages) in my syllabus, and those are a few of the symptoms that a call may have affected him more than he's willing to admit... Just my $0.02 (Cautiously, as I see VentMedic...
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    Does your BLS protocal incl. glucose monitor finger-stick?

    QFT (quoted for truth), But, recording vitals can help build a better history for ALS or the hospital. Same reason an ECG/EKG strip on first arrival can be incredibly helpful to the hospital...
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    A message regarding the chat room

    Edit: Fixed
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    Ever grossed out a Bystander/Partner/Fireman

    Priceless! Not sure if that last line made it funnier, or killed the joke :P
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    Checking up after the fact

    Quoted for truth. Seeing the other side (or all sides) of the mirror helps get perspective in any profession, not just medicine.
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    Ever grossed out a Bystander/Partner/Fireman

    ... so where exactly does that fit on my GCS scale? :P
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    Ever grossed out a Bystander/Partner/Fireman

    Is that where the patient holds one hand out with one finger pointed? Now where is the checkbox for that on my patient report...