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  1. dixie_flatline

    Post the # your test stopped at, and if you Passed/Failed

    (P) Test stopped at 91 or 92. Found out later that day that I passed :D The crazy thing about my test was that the first THREE answers were all the same, and later on 2 different questions had the answer be Thyroid Storm (seriously?). Thought for sure I would be re-testing.
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    Anyone rocking a Ambo like this for regular 911 calls?

    In Howard County, our old Paramedic 95 used to be a quad cab (although not quite as big as the one in OP). It was used mainly for precepting newbie medics, to allow them to sit in the front seat but still have the "real" medic close at hand. edit: Emphasis on the *old* part - it was never...
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    Any Emtlife oldies, like me, still around?

    Looks like I joined in Sep 2010. Been absent the past 2 years because (oddly enough) most of my time was being chewed up working full time and going to school at night. But I officially passed my NREMT-P, so now I'm maybe back?
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    Passed NREMT-P. Be afraid. BE VERY AFRAID.

    Passed NREMT-P. Be afraid. BE VERY AFRAID.
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    THC for the EMT ?

    Just chiming in that I too like beer, although I have cut down drastically because my metabolism stopped processing carbs into energy after I turned 30 - everything goes directly to fat now. I also support the legalization of THC/cannabis/marijuana both from a social perspective and a taxation...
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    Off duty at a restaurant, you witness a bari+geriatric fall

    Believe it or not, I think Mexico has passed the US in obesity rates.
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    Off duty at a restaurant, you witness a bari+geriatric fall

    I guess my definition of the term is colored by our use of it in the FD here; we call out the "bariatric unit" when our normal unit is incapable of safely accommodating a patient - our normal Ferno stretchers can only hold 400lbs, so anything above 400 I consider bari.
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    Critical Care Paramedics in Qatar 98k

    How stingy are they in Qatar about booze? edit: Nevermind, should have read all the way to the end. That sucks dude.
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    Narcan can now be administered by everyone in Ca.

    For a real junkie, there is the need to fix, and then way down below there is everything else. Boyfriends aren't even close most of the time.
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    Fentanyl in Pennsylvania's heroin

    As of this fall, all 911 ambulances in Maryland are required to carry IN Narcan as a BLS drug.
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    what are illicit substances you’d expect to see at a rock concert

    I thought it was Krokodil, but bath salts could be considered a zombie drug too I guess.
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    what are illicit substances you’d expect to see at a rock concert

    Country - Almost entirely booze and fighting. Seriously. Rock - Lots of booze, some weed. Depending on the 'flavor' of rock, can also mix in some coke, meth, or similar. Can have mosh and/or crowdsurfing trauma. Hip-Hop/Rap - Booze, weed, highest number of fights after country...
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    Free Percocet! (Satire)

    Local Emergency Medicine physicians have developed a ground breaking way to reduce the amount of patients they will see during a shift. The new policy mimics a common Halloween tradition: leave a bowl full of candy outside with a sign that says Take One -allowing one to get drunk and not be...
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    Agree. Like I said, the key is finding a great coach/owner. If they're focusing on guiding newbies with basic movements and are confident enough in their programming to scale things safely, you're going to have a great experience. If they let in classes of 60 with a single instructor, with a...
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    I don't really drink the CrossFit kool-aid as a competitive sport, but I do agree with Robb that it's an excellent program, especially for people who aren't the best self-motivators or don't know their way around a gym. The fundamentals of crossfit - functional movements, constant variation -...
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    Denis Leary bringing "Sirens" to the States (EMS on TV)

    That looks like it, although that call was better than the ones shown in class. Still, those compressions...
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    [much amuse] Doge Passed Registry. Wow.
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    What happened to paramedic students?

    I have kind of the opposite problem. Anion gaps specifically came up recently and I was ridiculed for wanting to know things that don't need to be known. Those of us discussing this stuff are definitely in the minority, and are looked at as the paragods.
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    Denis Leary bringing "Sirens" to the States (EMS on TV)

    There was a show like COPS but with EMTs before. I don't know what it was called, but my Paramedic instructor showed several of the episodes in class. It was a :censored::censored::censored::censored:show - horrible habits, missing big things (a patient gurgling on blood while the medics focus...