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  1. LE-EMT

    Cell Phones Any Recommendations?

    HA HA HA..... Well I will first start by saying that I have a great career that I don't plan on leaving anytime soon. I like you rid am in constant search of knowledge. So my persuit of the EMS field is to better myself and my current career. So thank you but I am sure I will not be applying...
  2. LE-EMT

    Are You Prepared or Just a Wacker?

    Well I have the luxury of my pov being my work ride. So I have all kinds of crap in my ride. Basic first aid stuff ( which I don't think it has been opened since I put it in my truck 2 years ago) Fire extiquishers ( I have to stop at MVA's ) Blankets and usually a couple pairs of shirts and...
  3. LE-EMT

    Cell Phones Any Recommendations?

    Stay away from touch screens. I have sprint and the samsung instinct... I have gone though 3 phones. Stupid touch screen is finickie which for me doesn't lead to good things. I have anger management issues and when my phones don't work they end up against a wall or 30 yards down the street...
  4. LE-EMT

    Should I Join the Police Explorers?

    I commend you on thinking outside of the box here. I can't really say that I know much about fire or ems explorer programs. I haven't seen many around. I am sure there are some people who can help you on here. As far as joining the Police explorer program If you aren't interested in Law...
  5. LE-EMT

    Where do you carry your portable radio.

    Just a thought for all of you who do carry your radios on your back..... I have found that this can be a problem area. Due to the fact that if you were to fall on your back you could be seriously injured. As you all know it doesn't take much to incure a back injury. Most law enforcment...
  6. LE-EMT

    Could we have a self-imposed hiatus on some subjects?

    LMAO Great thats all that we need. EMS running around crime scenes thinking they know what they are doing.... No offense to EMS people as a whole. Heck I know cops that I wouldn't want on a crime scene. As far as BLET why?? what good will come of it? What are you really going to learn? Not...
  7. LE-EMT

    Looking for Trade Shows

    There has actually been talk about that...... Mostly in a joking manner obviously. I won't get into my specific studies reguarding this matter though. I think that would get me into trouble with the admin. due to the explicate and graphic nature. I am great thank you for asking..
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    Looking for Trade Shows

    well your name alone strikes confidence in me as far as what you will have to say about this topic.... Leads me to believe that you are going to find a down fall or falsities in anything and everything. Like I said I believe in it because I personally have seen and experenced the benifits...
  9. LE-EMT

    Looking for Trade Shows

    I am not really sure as to why you felt the need to post your wikipedia search results?? If you are a non believer that is ok. I ask you to not only take my words on the topic but the words of Dr. Pederson the individual who developed the product. My explination is more of a lamens version...
  10. LE-EMT

    Looking for Trade Shows

    Hello every one I hope people actually read this. I am looking for EMS, Fire, and Police trade shows. Meaning anything where all of these professionals are going to be gathering. Something like police and fire games, K9 trials, EMS conventions. The sky is the limit here. Search and Rescue...
  11. LE-EMT

    Happy Birthday Sapphyre!!!

    I know I am late. don't hate on me for it... Happy bday sapph.....
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    Look at all the mics Its like an effing convention.... I could go fishing with a potato and catch me a real bundle. 50% Irish 50% Scottish. Nobility on the scottish side and not real sure about the irish. I have red hair and I wear a kilt leave me alone..
  13. LE-EMT

    I Need Ammo

    I agree with medic on several parts of this. Professionalism is key in this buisness. Pranks are fun and generally harmless. I have seen people hurt because of sensless pranks but it is so few and far between. I have seen people get hurt climbing into their rigs more often. There are...
  14. LE-EMT

    LOL yeah I am around. Not dead yet. doing well thank you

    LOL yeah I am around. Not dead yet. doing well thank you
  15. LE-EMT

    LQTS- Are you aware of this condition?

    I am sorry for your loss. My prayers go out to you and your family..
  16. LE-EMT

    Edmonton Scanner

    Rumpy bumpy????? that has to be a canuck saying..... LMAO Sorry bosco I had to comment on the. Hows it going my canadian brother. long time no chat. anyways thats pretty cool that you guys have a online scanner thing. I will have to check it out when I get some time. Stay safe homie
  17. LE-EMT

    I've fallen and I can't get up!

    All I have to say is want to trade bodies???? I am not gonna go into several of the possiblities with that statement...(mind wanders) I know your pain. 3 car accidents, a motorcycle accident, football injuries, cronic pain, temporary neuro damage, and a partridge in a pear tree. The only...
  18. LE-EMT

    I'm still alive... (pearl jam docet)

    I would suggest arizona but its hot here there are lots of cacti..... Ummmm oh and we have a big hole in the ground. Some people call it the grand canyon but its just a hole
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    Dispatchers Say the Darndest Things...

    its funny. I just wish you all could come and spend a day in dispatch with me. but since you cant picture this with me......... Sitting in a room you have about 5 people with in 10 ft of you all dispatching and answering phones as well. then 20 ft away from you have fire and interfacitlity...
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    Relaxation methods

    I used to love the bottle. Imported beer, Irish whiskey, and well pretty much anything that got me drunk. Now that I have gotten old ( or atleast my body has decided it doesn't like that any more) I have been known to hit the gym, watch movies, ride motorcycles, visit friends and family, and...