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  1. Achilles

    the 100% directionless thread

    I’m pretty sure demedic was an moderator, I vaguely recall her giving me an infraction or citation or whatever it was/ is called. there was also jpinv, Sasha, big bald guy, angel, either tigger or trigger?? thats about all I remember
  2. Achilles

    the 100% directionless thread

    That’s too bad, probably the whole “infraction“ thing made people not want to be here
  3. Achilles

    the 100% directionless thread

    Anyone still on this site?
  4. Achilles

    Lights & Sirens

    There’s a thread about It on EMT life...
  5. Achilles

    COVID VACCINE - The Megathread

    good thing you’re getting a tractor to clear the snow...
  6. Achilles

    How do you get to be Paramedic of the year???
  7. Achilles

    Should observing an autopsy be required?

    Hopefully it wasn‘t someone with situs inversus...
  8. Achilles

    Doctors and training

    Yes in general it’s easier to get into med school in the Caribbean and sometimes other countries. in the end, I don’t care where the doctor at the ED got his degree from, nor my Personal GP, just as your patients don’t ask wher you went to EMT school at, it’s just a piece of paper, it’s the...
  9. Achilles

    the 100% directionless thread

    agreed! as a fellow FF/EMT I’m ashamed that a brother FF flew United airlines, clearly Delta would’ve been a better choice...
  10. Achilles

    the 100% directionless thread

    Used to plow with a crapsman garden tractor, and it did alright if you kept up with the snow, sucked driving around in the snow. you‘ll want to get tire chains and weights (So plan on scratches and marks on your drive come spring. not sure how those blowers do, however the direct pto ones Are...
  11. Achilles

    the 100% directionless thread

    It’s profitable the. Again, so is lack of...
  12. Achilles

    the 100% directionless thread

    budget? length of driveway? size of lawn? Just those two tasks, or do You have need for small loader, towing around a log splitter, etc... make sure where ever you go, you’re not buying the mower from home cheapo...
  13. Achilles

    Coronavirus Discussion Thread

    If you say so...
  14. Achilles

    Coronavirus Discussion Thread

    in regards to your question; yes...
  15. Achilles

    Stressed guys messdd up on some calls.

    there are instances when you’re unable to get vitals, so to say it’s inexcusable to a bit far fetched.
  16. Achilles

    Coronavirus Discussion Thread

    Says the person who’s a edumacator... pot meet kettle
  17. Achilles

    Finding another job when you been fired?

    Ever been fired for being slow? like 3 years slow?
  18. Achilles

    Still alive?

    Here’s the Facebook statement from the department.
  19. Achilles

    Still alive?

    Curious what everyone’s thoughts are on this. i’ve Heard of similar situations, but they’re few and far between. granted it is a news article and some information may be inaccurate, but it certainly doesn’t look good...
  20. Achilles

    Too Many Hoops to Jump Through?

    if it’s too much for you, don’t apply.