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    Hats off to volunteers

    Because some of us are past our prime in this business and do it to keep our skills proficient and to give something back to the community in which we live. And because of our age or health status we do not want to sacrifice patient care by pushing ourselves beyond our limits. For the past few...
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    D50 with Head Injury/CVA Patients..

    I don't think you will lose your patient to hypoglycemia during the trip to the hospital. Flight medics and long distance transports may have other protocols. We would not treat the low BGL at all opting instead to let the ED do so, since our transport times are usually 5-10 minutes. If...
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    When does "care" begin?

    In my eyes there is no set dividing line between providing care and not. For example... You see someone that needs assistance. You are assessing them in your mind as you approach. Your assessment determines that the person is NOT capable of refusing treatment. You are on duty and have a duty...
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    MVA scenario

    In almost ANY state answering this would constitute either the giving of legal advice or acting in the capacity of a law enforcement officer. Your answer should be a 'non answer.' Unless of course, you know your states laws very well....
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    Funniest thing to ever happen to you?

    I have a favorite Boston Market that we like to visit for lunch. One day, raining, we settled in for a hot lunch only to be interrupted by a report of a man down at a local gym. Gathering up our half eaten lunch we scurried out of the dining area amid all the looks from the other patrons. Of...
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    Will work for free!

    AEMS. Scottsdale
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    My first code

    I gotcha.... that would be the same here. I just mis read the post a little... thanks.
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    My first code

    I'm curious about your compression/bag ratio. You said, 1..2..3..4..5..bag, ..1..2..3..4..5..bag... Does the hospital where you did your clinicals use the 5:1 ratio still or have they conformed to the AHA standard and your post was just an anxious moment misprint? The reason I ask, is that...
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    woman went unresponsive at my job

    As it is with mine as well. However, once a certified rescuer arrives on scene and makes contact with the dispatchers, the rescuer can call for a specific apparatus thereby getting the most appropriate personnel and equipment on scene expeditiously.
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    Public Agency - Poor ALS Skills

    Of course it's flawed. In two ways.... Take an area. Put a BLS/ALS crew there. In the course of a month there are 25 BLS calls and 10 ALS calls. Therefore the crew gets experience in ALS to the tune of 10 and BLS to the tune of 25. In that same area, put a BLS crew across the street from...
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    Of course he does. If he stood in front of it you wouldn't be able to see it on the TV.
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    Malpractice / Liability Insurance

    Absolutely. While the company insurance may cover you, you are still responsible for your actions. Especially if the opposing counsel goes down the path of whether or not you remained within your scope of practice. In which case your company insurance may not cover you, or limit coverage...
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    Bullet Vs. AED

    And ours reads "Do not use the AED on trauma induced cardiac arrest." as opposed to ANY trauma patient. As you pointed out, an mva could have been the result of the cardiac arrest and as such both medical and traumatic conditions must be treated. To respond to the initial post, think of the...
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    Spin off to the BLS care thread

    It is not due to any educational system at all. It is due to the medical directors desire to protect his license. Since we are simply his eyes and ears in the field we are merely trained to recognize conditions and treat that condition as per his standing orders. Then, if the patient presents in...
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    I always taught CHART to be a mnenomic to remember an organized hand off report. It hardly covers the territory that a comprehensive PCR should cover. A comprehensive narrative is pretty much a script of the events, both seen, heard, spoken, and performed, written after the fact. The only...
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    EMT-B/BLS care is there a point??

    Well then let's not confuse the current levels of care.... make that EMT-MD.
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    EMT-B/BLS care is there a point??

    Why don't we just create a new level? EMT-D sounds like the minimal necessity under your theory.
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    EMT-B/BLS care is there a point??

    What I am beginning to see is an entirely different side of a forum member that I had respected...
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    It seems to me the tatoo is merely a reminder to the medics to ASK if anyone present has a valid DNR that they would like to produce prior to resuscitation efforts beginning.
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    Was it signed and notarized? Is a tatoo a legal document in your state? Here, the protocol would be to resuscitate.