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    Oh, you mean John Doe? Yea, I transported him last week... how's he doing?

    Abd pain

    The CT scan that the senior resident threw on because something didn't feel right. Also with that hospital's patient population, patients are assumed to be meth positive until proven otherwise. We know he was meth positive because it became a, "Well, admit to surgery and pre-op labs." He was...


    On one hand, just don't mention names. On the other hand, I'm not sure anyone has ever been charged with a HIPAA violation for mentioning that they transported Mr Frequent Flier (who is well known to the service) again yesterday. Technically it's a violation, but it occurs all the time, everyplace.

    Abd pain

    I had a patient who was coming in with sharp epigastric pain after eating a gas station burrito. He had an aortic aneurysm. Of course being meth positive could have contributed.

    Medic dumps patient off gurney on purpose

    The paramedic too...

    Psych Calls and Psych Pharms

    ...and what education do you have in medicine or psychology, or pharmacology? Are you a physician, psychologist, or pharmacist?

    BVM and OPA question

    EMS: Must get ET tube in. Anesthesiologist: Air goes in, air goes out is more important than a PVC challenge.

    BVM and OPA question

    One of the advantage of the bags on the anesthesiology machines is that they're flow inflated bags. No seal, no bag. Also, a good seal will induce a head tilt often anyways. You lift the face to the mask, not squish the mask to the face.

    Question about HIPAA

    Loss leader. Also see hospitals taking medicare patients.
  10. JPINFV

    Airway Management

    Mistake? The resident just scored an extra chest tube (I kid...).
  11. JPINFV

    SD EMS wage protest.

    That doesn't make it less true. I can always post the hack jobs that the OC Fire Departments were releasing last year when OC was introducing private company paramedics. The press reports that the OC firefighters were releasing make Loose Change look sane.
  12. JPINFV

    The Ebola risk, does it really exist?

    On one hand, completely out of proportion. On the other hand, I think it did gear processes that should have been in place to begin with. MY hospital (county hospital, one of the busiest EDs in California, 12th largest county in the US by population, largest by land area) undertook a 2 day crash...
  13. JPINFV

    Preventing Patient Care. Because seat belts are so easy to release. Thoughts?

    In other news today, a conscious patient burned to death after the ambulance he was in was hit by a car and caught fire. Unfortunately, the patient was locked in using seat belts that wouldn't release, so he was unable to escape.
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    Mauran Ambulance Service (LA County)

    They're still around?
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    Airway Management

    At my hospital (I did a month on anesthesiology), the attending is present for all inductions and extubations. Additionally, the plan is discussed between the attending and the CRNA prior to each case. Outside of that, a lot of times the attendings sat in the break room, which includes a monitor...
  16. JPINFV

    SoCal companies to pay $11.5 million to settle federal kickback suits

    "A provision of the False Claims Act allow whistleblowers to recover a portion of the proceeds obtained by the federal government. As part of the settlement, Carlisle will receive in excess of $1.7 million." Hm... very nice.
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    He's missing the "from doing manual labor" part of that quote.
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    CNN journalist administers precordial thump.

    At least it was a doctor and not a police officer. You know, police officers go around thumping people in arrest and we get riots.
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    rear window blinds

    I have never, honestly, had much of a problem seeing out the rear window while driving, and I prefer knowing what's going on on all sides of my vehicle, including what's behind me. A car coming up fast behind me can easily suddenly be beside me. Do I have family following me requiring me to...