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    accountability of controlled substance

    What form is used for that if I may ask? Thanks
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    accountability of controlled substance

    Do you do a total reconciliation, for example of product purchased, administered, wasted and balance on hand, kind of like a running back account?
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    accountability of controlled substance

    Thanks, would you add anything else to improve accountability?
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    accountability of controlled substance

    Thanks. Any problems that you have detected that afford diversion with that process?
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    accountability of controlled substance

    HI, I am looking for examples of forms for controlled substance accountability. Each drug would have its own sheet with the columns: beginning inventory plus acquisitions minus administrations minus wastage minus return = balance on hand Am I missing any columns? Any suggestions for forms or...
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    WWYD: Butane inhalation & ignition

    Do the experts like Limmer ever offer comments?
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    Intubation and the unconscious

    50 mcg every 5 minutes?
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    Thoughts on this EKG?

    Pardon me for several basic questions. Can someone circle the part of the image that they mean by spiked T waves? Can someone circle the QRS and explain the possible reasons for its appearance? Thanks
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    Refusal after Narcan administration

    In national first, N.J. program will let paramedics administer ... Cached Jun 26, 2019 - In a nationwide first, New Jersey authorizes paramedics to start ... approved to treat opioid use disorder, buprenorphine has...
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    ECG rhythm identification

    Both if possible.
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    ECG rhythm identification

    Does anyone have a learning tool related to identification of rhythms they can share? Thanks, Bob Coolidge, RPh EMT-I
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    Mag for A fib w/RVR

    Must never have talked to an afib patient who use magnesium....
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    Years ago, I watched or listened to a speaker discuss the use of the term "stable" and his objection to its use. For the life of me, I can't recall the speaker or resurrect the presentation. Just throwing this out, does anyone recall a presentation from several years ago, where the the...
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    No more sternal rubs??

    What is the difference between doing a sternal rub vs a trapezius squeeze in what they are measuring? Thanks
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    Who said Dosis facit venenum"

    Dosis facit venenum the dose makes the poison Paracelsus, the Father of Toxicology
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    overdose deaths - what drug are you seeing in your area

    What drug(s) are you seeing in your area? DEA Releases 2015 Drug Threat Assessment: Heroin and Painkiller Abuse Continue to Concern Mexican drug traffickers remain most significant criminal drug threat to the United States NOV 04 (WASHINGTON) - DEA Acting Administrator Chuck Rosenberg today...
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    Low HR/Good BP

    I was curious, what was the patient's diagnosis? Thanks
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    Nitro or not?

    So how did this patient's care and diagnosis resolve?