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    Train accident

    Just a couple of things...since the point of this is for learning... needle decompression of confined cavities like a hemi-thorax or the pericardium, while relieving tamponade physiology, does nothing to fix the reason these conditions developed in the setting of blunt trauma in the first...
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    Should EMS follow nurse's lead and go on strike?

    Not to trigger anyone...but the NHS is even walking back hard their 'gender affirmative' care model for transgender youth in GB. From an outsider looking in, this at least based on available economic resources as genuine evidence based medicine.
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    French Military's new EMS rig

    What else can it do besides take just 2 critical patients? If it could be converted to a forward surgical capable unit, then yeah, all that trouble might be worth it and unique, IMO....that's just an APC with 2 cots, good for short transport in urban areas with real medical capability...
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    Didn't call a stroke alert. Ended up being a stroke

    Inexperienced folks need to learn that because something bad happens, doesn't have to mean that someone has done something wrong. Common sense, but it's one of the cudgels that people who should know better (ie, the nurse in the scenario) use to bully their 'lessors' in order to cover for their...
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    Hands On defibrillation - HOD

    Work with a cardiologist that literally lays across the patient's body on the table to stabilize him to avoid dislodging lines.
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    Didn't call a stroke alert. Ended up being a stroke

    Plenty of ways to have a stroke with a completely normal or even low blood pressure. BP shouldn't even come into it if the patient endorses no neuro symptoms. The nurse would hopefully (but apparently not actually) be aware that an evolving stroke and hypertension, though simultaneously present...
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    the 100% directionless thread

    OK if you did...that's what that bungee thingee is for that they come with......
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    Appendicitis.... Cardiac issue

    Agreed...what did the paramedics history and physical reveal? LMP? GYN hx? Lots there that will raise or lower index of suspicion and should be a routine consideration on these kinds of calls....would be very unusual for a ruptured to present with a full arrest. If the patient didn't appear...
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    the 100% directionless thread

    As late as the 1990's that stuff wasn't even locked up. Just sat out on shelves and carts with the versed.
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    My battle with cancer..

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    Hunting and Fishing Thread

    Bot bump! 🤣 Anyone use OnX Hunt? Pretty awesome app for about 30 bucks a year...but are the extras worth it? Haven't bit on those apples yet.
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    Unusual presentation

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    Unusual presentation

    what am I missing here?
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    Unusual presentation

    Were there Redbull or Monster empties laying around?
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    Should we have done something different for this trauma call?

    Hard to conceptualize for folks that work in national systems about the size of the smallest US states. You can't really judge the US as a whole when, while a single, united entity, it covers one of the largest land masses on the planet. If you must compare, you have to find similar population...
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    Should we have done something different for this trauma call?

    Creates a duty to act, which introduces risk of malpractice which administrators at various levels are advised by legal counsel to avoid. Tort law is a thing in the United States and is one of the disadvantages of a non-socialized/nationalized system of health care delivery. I'm not advocating...
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    Little trick I've used when narcs a little over done and the post op patient isn't taking too many breaths is to trickle in a little nubain instead of narcan to keep from totally reversing the analgesia...Works pretty good sometimes...
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    Should we have done something different for this trauma call?

    they can just get in the way of left sided chest tubes.
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    Seattle medic one

    Ha!..... I started in a system where fire carried things, broke things to make a hole and did CPR...and they couldn't wait to leave once we got there...not ideal...finished up where they'd delay transport for irrelevant stuff that even if it was needed could be done en route....not ideal either...
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    Seattle medic one

    Hope that trend spreads...good news for patients and ambulance crews. It means when fire captains make the mistake of confusing a medical emergency for a working fire, they'll get a love note from a real live invested physician medical director to stay in his lane. There are systems that work...