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  1. Asclepius911

    Compton fire, ambulance company

    Today as I was passively playing street fighter on my phone, I noticed Liberty ambulance going code 3, another day when I was at PIH in Whittier I noticed another liberty ambulance coming in hot with fire , does anyone know if they have fire contracts like care/Mccormick ?
  2. Asclepius911

    Average ems span

    This thread is to find the average years Emts/paramedics stay in EMS (or plans to) before going into another health related field, such as RN, PA, MD, and DO. Ill start as an example. Years in (or planning to stay in) EMS/ health field orientation I'm planning to stay in one more year/ Going...
  3. Asclepius911

    More scenerios :)

    You are dispatched to private residence for a 96y Female pt reporting pain on the left upper extremity, (upon arriving at destination what is the first thing you do?) Pt family member gives you Hx: Dementia, skull fracture, recent CVA /c L body weakeness and facial droop. Family member informs...