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    South Carolina Curious

    Hello, I'm a Critical Care Paramedic working on a Maternal-Fetal truck here in Texas and I might be moving to South Carolina in the future and I was wondering if anyone could give me some info on South Carolina EMS and employment prospects? Preferably IFT, Critical Care, and possibly Flight as...
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    Now available! The Pediatric and Neonatal Book for Critical Care Paramedics will help critical care/flight paramedics build their pediatric and neonatal knowledge while also serving as a reference text for the experienced provider. Providing an extensive series of topics that are broken down...
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    Anyone with experience with Allegiance Ambulance in Texas?

    As the thread title says I'm just wondering if anyone out there has worked for them or knows someone who does?
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    Texas Duty to Act (On Duty NOT Off)

    Anyone from Texas know the law or have a link to it that basically states an EMT's responsibility "to act" while on duty, example being witnessing an accident while responding to a call. I've looked on the DOH website but can't find it. Thank you in advance.
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    Allegiance Ambulance in Texas

    Former Flight Medic/Critical Care Paramedic currently working/living in San Antonio as a Paramedic 72 hours a week (yes, good pay) but looking to move elsewhere for a change (though not above Austin area). I keep hearing Acadian and AMR are limiting work hours to 36 to 40 with little to 0 chance...
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    Looking For Support For My Kickstarter Project.

    Greetings, Everyone! On these forums my name is RiderMedic but my real name is Scott Sturm and I've been in EMS since 2001 with the last 11 years as a Paramedic. I've done both ground and flight critical care transports during my years in Pittsburgh, New York, and now my current home, Texas...
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    AMR Texas CCT

    Just wondering if anyone had an info on or were currently working as a CCT Paramedic for AMR in Texas and could give some info on pay, call volume and quality, protocols, equipment used, etc. Thanks in advance. Oh, and I keep getting hearing AMR doesn't like employees working over 36 hours...
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    Texas HEMS

    Hey everyone, I was just wondering if anyone knew if Air Methods, AirLife, or even if PHI were hiring in Texas at this time? I have five years of ground critical care plus I just left Air Evac after one year (don't ask lol) as a Flight Medic/Base Clinical Lead and already have my FP-C. Thanks!
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    New Job!

    I'm happy and excited to share the news that I just got my first job as a Flight Medic with AEL. The next six months are going to be both difficult and rewarding as I go through the mentoring process. My journey begins in two weeks and I can't wait. And a big thank you out there to Mr...
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    The Waiting Game

    I've been employed at the same company for just about five years now and maybe it's because I've been out of the job market for so long or maybe I'm just a bit paranoid or maybe it's both :P but I hate this waiting after putting in applications/resumes. Yeah, it's been about a week only but I'm...
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    Moving To Texas!

    Hello All! I'm pulling up stumps and leaving New York and the time is drawing near to when I'm going to start having to put in my applications and resumes so I decided it would be a good time start gathering info on possible candidates for an employer. I've been a medic since '03 and have...