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    any ER tech's in here?

    thanks, yes i believe my healthcare background is one of the things that help me get this position. i dont know how many applicants there were but the hiring coordinator did tell me they had to turn down an LVN bec she was overqualified and that they were only looking for emt b's i was there...
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    any ER tech's in here?

    thanks for the tip jeremy as its like that at the dialysis clinic i work at. the only difference is that in dialysis we see the same patients and in the ER its the whole world ! interview went great i got hired on the spot ! i start in 2 weeks. the 2 other candidates that were before me...
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    any ER tech's in here?

    ok so heres what ive done to prepare myself for this interview. ive researched the hospital, researched the dept and making sure that i know the duties that this position entails. anything else ive missed? ur advice will be greatly appreciated. thanks
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    any ER tech's in here?

    thats what i had thought u would say as i did the same duties as an "observer" but just wanted to hear it from an actual tech.
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    any ER tech's in here?

    thats ok i appreciate ur replies tho. so what was life l like in the ed dept for u?
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    any ER tech's in here?

    oh and did u guys have to go thru a written test?
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    any ER tech's in here?

    thx guys so what was ur interview process like? the only time ive "worked" in the ed dept was when i did my "er observation" for my emt b class.
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    any ER tech's in here?

    hello all i currently work in healthcare but its always been a goal of mine to work as an ER tech. i have an interview wed for an ER tech position. can someone tell me about their experience as an er tech. thanks
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    The Ultimate Question

    "thats what she said" Lol
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    Starting pay

    in central ca. where i live BLS pay is about 9.50 and medics range from $12 - $14 hourly im sure amr pays way more. unfortunately i never got hired as an EMT but i did get a job at the local hospital as a dialysis tech, talk about a curve ball. the pay is a lot better too but as long as its...
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    EMT-B Students!!!

    i recently applied for an ER tech position and my status shows that its under manager review but ive yet to get a call ! grrRRRrr btw its been about a week, and fingers are so crossed right now B)
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    Priority One Medical transport

    does anyone work for this company? are they a good co.? preferrably in the stanislaus/san joaquin area.
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    Who do you share your birthday with?

    i share mine with mizz marilyn monroe !
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    AMR Job Process - Skills Test?

    good luck to u too man, my test is on tue @ 0800. (written and skills)
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    NREMT funk!

    i recommend studying and always remember ABC's. took me 2 tries good luck !
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    What is going on?

    omg yikes !
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    What did you do with your patch?

    i put my patch in a picture frame along with my emt b certificate.
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    AMR Job Process - Skills Test?

    ive been hearing that a lot about the out of state amr employees ambert03, most of them said they didnt even have to do a skills test. i hope thats the case for us too Lol but i doubt it and im ready for whatever they throw at me
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    AMR Job Process - Skills Test?

    congrats on ur emt journey im sure you will do fine. i too will be taking my written and skills exam next tue for AMR stanislaus county. i asked the HR lady what the skills portion will entail but all she said was to know all your stuff and be prepared to be given up to 3 skills exams. in...
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    thanks for all the input guys ! im finally testing with AMR next tue yay !