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    Hands On defibrillation - HOD

    before we got Lucas ive done it. Now its kinda irrelevant for us.
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    Ampoule opener

    When we still had ampules of Epi i took the little white plastic cap thing that comes in the tip of my flushes, drilled a hole and put in a split ring and glued that into a 5ml syringe with the plunger removed. Put the end of the ampule into the syringe and snap. Clip this ghetto snap-it onto my...
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    syringe holder?

    The first one!
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    syringe holder?

    Ok, i flew a patient last week and the flight medic had this thing on his badge that the 10ml syringes i gave him clipped into. I love the idea, it would making managing syringes of pressors and RSI drugs a lot easier. Unfortunately i wasnt able to ask him about it, patient care and all that...
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    MVC Extrication speed over movement minimization

    I just want a competent extrication team....
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    Intubation and the unconscious

    Honestly, long before i got to advanced airway management i would swap the regular BVM mask with a CPAP mask and ventillate myself to assess compliance and possiby get an end tidal and waveform. Elevate her head and get her into a better position for eventual intubation. I would also want to be...
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    Pay raises coming for Wake County EMS workers

    Love when departments put out back patting articles that tell on themselves that they underpay their staff. And NC isnt as cheap as it used to be. That starting pay for a medic equates to 60k for NJ and only the most rural of NJ aencies are paying below 30/hr
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    Your Controversial EMS-Related Opinion

    Yeah, and i still get a flu vaccine every year My controvesial opinion is that HEMS should be able to and encouraged to triage back to ground, and that HEMS projects should be regulated and a limit on projects should be set by a governing body. Not every hospital with a pad should be allowed...
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    What does your agency ride in...

    i thought their trucks were checkered?
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    Helicopter Stuff and Things

    Thhree hospitals i deal with that have rooftop pads are rated for heavier frames. We have Coast Guard air wings so theyre rated for Jayhawks and Dolphins if they pick someone out of the ocean and fly them into a trauma unit. If they can land a Jayhawk id assume they can land a blackhawk?
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    COVID VACCINE - The Megathread

    What really gets me with all these protests is that COVID is the lading cause of LODD for the last 2 years. Project 100 is and should be a point of emphasis for LE yet COVID alone took 200 per year. I still have officers on every call not even wearing a simple mask, let alone an N95. As...
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    COVID VACCINE - The Megathread

    Seems to be some disagreement among the CDC, FDA, White House and general Meddit/Medtwitter/scientific cognoscenti about the need for universal 3rd dose
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    Hospital Divert

    Also if youre going to declare diversion, you should probably tell someone other than the ER staff. Like perhaps the EMS dispatching agency....or the DOH
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    Elijah McClain - medics charged

    From reading the documents available it seems that the real issue here is that the medics: Failed to perform an initial assessment, administered a medication that wasnt clinically indicated, failed to monitor that patient appropriately, and then missed a decline in patient status due to that...
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    COVID VACCINE - The Megathread

    Did you get the same as your first two or did you mix it up?
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    COVID VACCINE - The Megathread

    My health insurance gives a discount for nonsmokers. I dont see why they couldnt, or shouldnt, do the same for vaccinated people
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    COVID VACCINE - The Megathread

    All i am saying is that after i got my second Pfizer, my phone started getting 5g signal within 14 days. Coincidence?
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    "ICU Level Care on the Street" Salt Lake City Program going to put Doctors on ambulances

    MD1 is a bad example because they arent affiliated with an ALS project or hospital anymore. An example of such a project that is is this one These doctors...
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    Hospital suspends over 100 employees for not getting COVID vaccine

    What liability does a provider or an employer have if they are unvaccinated, contract COVID and pass that on to a patient who eventually dies of complications of it? What if they can prove that the patient entered the ER for a complaint, tested negative then, went upstairs for that complaint and...
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    Routine PPE

    State DOH requires N95s on all calls. Department requires same, as well as goggles if the patient can not wear a surgical mask. We also have P100s, which i continue to wear on respiratory and cardiac arrests as well as anything in a SNF. I used to wear eye protection on arrests and intubations...