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    any ER tech's in here?

    hello all i currently work in healthcare but its always been a goal of mine to work as an ER tech. i have an interview wed for an ER tech position. can someone tell me about their experience as an er tech. thanks
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    Priority One Medical transport

    does anyone work for this company? are they a good co.? preferrably in the stanislaus/san joaquin area.
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    hey how do you guys transport a highly intoxicated person? what position are they in? i would assume theyre placed in the lateral position with suction ready to go when they vomit ....?
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    EMS affairs..?

    co worker - why do u want to be in EMS, those people have affairs with each other me - LOL where did u hear such a thing ? co worker - i dunno but thats what i hear about those people me - um... okay ... :P
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    Prior to starting EMT Basics...

    i start my EMT basics Jan 2009. is there anything u guys did to prepare yourself prior to starting the class? so far this forum has been a big help but ive yet to pick up any books as i just recently just registered. ill be picking up books some time this week. thanks to all replies. ^_^
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    EMT hiring process

    some times when i browse the hiring process for EMT's they say they do a "background check" and sometimes they say "background investigation", is there a difference? any info would be helpful thanks.