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  1. sandboxmedic

    sandbox medic

    just saying HI to the crew and Admin, ive been out for a while, is everyone doing?
  2. sandboxmedic

    PA vs. NP

    Hello all, hope this email finds everyone safe and doing well,on the streets, in the box, or my crew overseas. Physician Assistant Vs. Nurse Practitioner? I think I'm done with the sandbox work, and I'm looking for a program. I've done some research on both, and I've come to the conclusion...
  3. sandboxmedic

    Trauma lessons with a turkey

    Thinking back to when i was in medic school, besides some of the montonous(sp?) work, had 1 particularly fun day, just before Thanksgiving. Our instructor brought in a HUGE roll of industrial plastic in a roll and instructed us to duct tape it up high on the walls, to the floor, and give...