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    syringe holder?

    Ok, i flew a patient last week and the flight medic had this thing on his badge that the 10ml syringes i gave him clipped into. I love the idea, it would making managing syringes of pressors and RSI drugs a lot easier. Unfortunately i wasnt able to ask him about it, patient care and all that...
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    D50 D10 math

    Ok so ive used like 3 pages of scrap paper trying to do this math and i can figure out how to get what i am looking for. Right now i carry D50 25g/50ml (0.5g/ml). We also have D10 50g/500ml (0.1g/ml) AND 100ml and 250ml of D5W (0.05g/ml) . My protocol says we can give 25g of glucose to adult...
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    2018 National Scope of Practice

    Just got my copy from my medical director so i guess its out. Thoughts? Comments? Miffed that they didnt make a statement, even a strong recommendation, on at least and Associates degree for paramedics
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    Lights and Sirens Use

    With the death of another one of our brothers in a traffic crash i find myself revisiting my departments response policy. While this specific accident did not involve the use of lights and sirens as a contributing factor, it has been one in other LODDs. My intention is to remove lights and...
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    How much should EMS make?

    I know that pay is a hot topic in EMS, and i see people comment on Facebook job postings all the time "I aint working for $XX/hr" So what is a realistic expectation for hourly pay in EMS? EMTs bring a 140ish hour technical cert and no HS requirement to the table. ALS may or may not have an...
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    Experience Pay

    Anyone provide experience based pay incentives? I am looking to start this with my agency and was wondering if anyone else had a scale they used. I was think of at least three rates, volunteer, IFT and 911.
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    Lee County, Fl EMS

    So they are hiring and have sent recruiting teams into NJ and are being pretty aggressive about getting NJ medics to move down there. I asked many of the standard questions of the recruiters but obviously they are going to give me the company line. Anyone know what its like there?
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    Quebec EMS Strike

    Can someone give me a rundown on whats going on up there? I see pictures of these ambulances painted all kinds of wacky colors but my understanding of Quebecois French is pretty poor. Seems like they are on strike often
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    Bed Delays.... The foreign concept, only not.

    Holding the Wall (aka Bed Delays) This concept is foreign to me, your hospitals have like a triage area? or a waiting room?
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    Patient to Provider Ratio - split from ALS for No Reason thread

    If ALS is there then wait Yes it's only a short distance but in that time, the provider to patient ratio is in the patients favor, while at the hospital it isn't.
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    26 Minutes of compressions only, survived

    Thoughts? I think the guy was just incredibly lucky that he was able to maintain some type of rhythm until EMS arrived, but it do like the implications that ventilations dont matter, and show that compression and electricity are the only things...
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    IV solutions

    Around these parts all medics carry at least one 500ml bag of NS and 1L bag in their kits and it is the go to solution (ba dum dum) for patients who are hypotensive or otherwise "needing" fluids They are allowed to use LR but usually only carry it in their trucks and have to go get it if they...
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    Does anyone use it? Feelings on it? Our ePcr calculates it automatically when we were vials and includes it in the report
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    Main forums a mess

    Isnt there a forum for employment within ems? so we dont have to see all these posts about finding jobs is this state or that? or reciprocity for here ot there?he first 6 posts are about employment, whats going on
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    EMS Physicians responding

    So one of the ALS projects in NJ is starting up MD-1, an emergency physician who will respond to MCIs and extended extrication traumas. The concept is to provide the highest level of interventions, including field amputations, in the field, as well as on-site medical control to MICU instead of...
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    NRB over NC

    not you regular NC v NRB question. I am at my squad and one of my fellow EMT's said he got in a discussion with another EMT and he was told that as Basics, if we put patients on a NC instead of a NRB we are making a diagnosis and thats not allowed. He says we were only taught to put on a NC if...