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  1. Parameduck

    Adenosine in WPW

    What are people's thoughts on adenosine with WPW. I recently watched a lecture on its potential deadly affects for people in afib with rvr with Wolfe parkinson white syndrome. Our protocols don't list that as a contraindication.
  2. Parameduck

    Hospital based paramedic jobs in NYC

    I see a lot of posts on FDNY EMS, it seems you make more money working the hospital based paramedic jobs at Long Island Jewish and New York Presbyterian. What are the Pros and Cons to working these systems. From what I have read they seem to be more protected than just a private service. Is...
  3. Parameduck

    San Francisco Fire Dept. EMS

    Would anyone have some insight on the SFFD EMS Paramedic single role job, H 3 Level II? How competitive is it? What the hiring process is like? I found some information searching this site, but might not be looking in all the right places. Thank you!