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  1. CritterNurse

    Oxygen and heart attacks

    I stumbled across this: and found it interesting. I'd like to learn more, but Internet searches just bring me to more pages that pretty much just say the same thing without going into more depth. Has...
  2. CritterNurse

    syncope case

    Ok, this is my first time trying to post a scenario. This happened a little while back, so I don't remember the exact numbers, but I know about where they were. My goal here is to find out if there was anything else I should do, because I know I will be seeing this subject again with summer...
  3. CritterNurse

    Newborn baby declared dead, later found alive
  4. CritterNurse

    Laundry detergent poisonings

    This was in the news, and I thought it was something you guys may want to know about.