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    Dispatch protocols

    In my area We have BLS trucks and when ALS is needed we have medic intercepts. It seems to work well, Well over 75% of the time but i think the way my dispatch protocol is written, it leaves a bit of an issue, The protocol basically just has the broad term for the call such as respiratory...
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    Grille/dash/deck lights

    Heres the deal, I run on an ambulance and have finally became of age to join the local VFD. I already have a whelen single blue led dash light as well as an older cadet, But now i want grille and deck lights, SO i want some specific suggestions, theyre either going in a '94 toyota tercel, or a...
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    First code

    So december 31 2010 i was on duty 4 am to 6 pm, about an hour into my shift which was right around 5 am or so, our tones went out and as i was getting my boots on..... Well it ruined my day....... we were dispatched to My address for a cpr in progress..... What a mess we were on scene in less...
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    Ford vs GMC/CHEVY Rigs

    In the last year my company went from a 1 bay station with our second rig posted at a local FD to a Brand new 3 bay building with full kitchen, offices, training facility etc. And we currently have 2 2009 Ford e-series ambulances from PL Custom. They are junk. since we have the the third bay...
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    old vs new radio talk

    So my dad and i were talking tonight and thinking back about 3 years to when he retired the fire dept after 25 years to now and how much our local dispatch "lingo" has changed just in three years. heres the old way, in just a few short years we have adapted plain language, it amazes me. Because...
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    van ambulances

    I was wondering if anyone who runs in a "vanbulance" has any problems with storage. A private service here only runs them and i got a good look at theirs. Can you carry multiple backboards, stair chair, Other larger equipment with a lack of out side compartments? I'm not sure all of the...
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    Single veh. MVA 1 PT.

    this was an actual call i got the other day, im going to give you the basic details but ill wait to tell you how we handles it, i want to know how you guys might have handled it. Called to an MVA 5:30 AM. One car One PT. chief complaint of chest pain. upon arrival PT. was ambulatory, very...
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    Running my first 12 hour shift

    So saturday i run my first full shift, Ive ran a few hours here an there standby etc. I was wondering what i should refresh myself on, its 530 am to 530 pm, so if anyone routinely runs a similar shift, could you share what your average calls are. im just trying to find out what to expect,
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    Whelen cadet parts.

    Today i got 2 older whelen cadet beacons from my uncle. They both work, but i only have one lens. Whelen still makes the cadet but a different version. with a different lens set up. I was wondering if anyone here has one that would fit it, the model number on the light is cr-12 and the lens part...
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    Standby at MX race SAT

    I'm running standby at a MX race Saturday at our local track, Just wondering if anyone has any advice for me. I know that there's a lot of minor trauma like broken fingers, scrapes etc, Just want to see if there's anything else anyone thinks i should know about. I havent been on the rig for a...
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    Jump bag

    Hey guys, im selling my jump bag, its the common EMI bag Size: 17"L x 7"W x 10"D, i will sell it either with what ive got for supplies, or just the bag, Its just to big for me, i wanted to build my own kit for home and if i needed it for a call, but i think im going with something smaller, Its...
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    Airborne bloodborne pathogens test

    just did mine today, passed like nothing, i just don't see why you need to get separate training for all ems/ff/hospital organizations/occupation if its the same test. i wouldn't mind doing it again for an other squad but it just seems like a waste of time to me . Whats your thoughts on it?
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    preffered boots

    So im new to ems though i grew up around it, and i was wondering what everyone else has for their boots on duty, personally i bought a pair of side zip duty boots at sears cheap but i want to see if you guys recommend anything special/different. mine are good for now. i really didnt see the...
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    New Guy

    I wasn't sure where to post my introduction so ill post it here for now, To start off i must say that when i found this site i was impressed, Its very easy to use and everyone seems to get along. So about me. I am Currently Certified as an emergency medical responder in the state of...