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  1. devintd1991

    Arclight Education

    Been a bit since I've been on here. Last time I was, I had posted a thread inquiring on additional material to utilize in order to test out for my CCP-C and TP-C. Was told it was pointless to have said cert because experience is what counted. Well, couple years later, I obtained one of said...
  2. devintd1991

    TP-C through IBSC

    Looking to get my TP-C through IBSC. Anyone on here taken the test and passed? If so, what material did you use. I have pretty recent prior military experience and am currently using Kyle Faudree's "Tactical Paramedic: Certification and Application" book to study out of. Anyone have any...
  3. devintd1991

    CCPP-C/TP-C Review material Suggestions

    If anyone's got has good material they'ed recommend for a successful pass in either, I'd appreciate it. Have my FP-C, looking to get these two now. I'm hearing the CCP-C is a bit more difficult so any help is welcomed. Thanks