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  1. Hedar

    I'm still alive... (pearl jam docet)

    Hi all! I'm back, after a long pause (4 months ? ) I'm Riccardo, from Italy, I'm an EMT Voluntary for Italian Red Cross. In my country 911 ( 118 in Italy) is menaged by Red Cross, directly by Ministry of Interior. I'm sorry to be gone for 4 months, but I had a great regret, my partner...
  2. Hedar

    I'm Back!!!

    Hello eveybody! I don't know if someone remember me, anyway, after 3 month of hard work finally Holidays starts. I usually post funny things about italian rescuer... This is our Heli-ambulance during a... strange mission :rolleyes: Hello...
  3. Hedar

    The jelousy

    Look at this video. . . <_< Why Italian Gov. don't give one of this vehicles to Red Cross EMT? :rolleyes: EDIT: jealousy. . . I know :P
  4. Hedar

    green dollar... good bye?

    I hear about this new-old idea to convert 1 dollars in coin... Is it true? :unsure: In Europe we have 2 euros in money, (approx. 2,6 dollars) but is not easy learn to spend quietly the "simple money" because in a hand you can contain 60 euro... the price of 10 pizzas . . . :glare:
  5. Hedar

    Want to Scale your ambulance in 1:87? Call me ^_^

    Hello again! This is my hobby, recreate the ambulance of my dept in 1:87 scale! Am I crazy? . . . I think yes... B)
  6. Hedar

    New member...? I hope <_<

    Hello eveybody! :) Nice to meet you all, I'm Riccardo from Italy, an Italian Red Cross EMT... So... I don't know what I have to say, and my english is terrible <_< Anyway... Good night from Italy ^_^