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    Possible Seizure

    PNES. Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizure.
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    What do you guys do with frequent fliers?

    We have a special ambulance for this - a "sociolance" (social worker+ambulance). Which deals with alot of cases on scene or find alternative ways to fix the problems with social services, rehab clinics and so on, they greatly reduce transports and load on the ER. All major cities should have...
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    Interest Order- EMS T-Shirt

    There is a "D" missing
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    Interest Order- EMS T-Shirt

    Im sorry but i wouldnt even wear it if it was free o.O
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    Guy jumps in the ambulance

    Had one just like that, PD was there with a K9 in around 30 sek when he tried to climb a fence, the dog made a friendly sound and he became normal like magic..
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    ER Tech Salaries

    Thought about RN? Think its in the 30-40 range in the US (im in europe thou).
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    What was your first call?

    Stabbing, 7 times in the back.
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    BLS and ACLS guidelines... what would you change?

    Delay intubation, adobt CCR and merge it with acls
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    What made you do it?

    Open any teaching book and you will find drawings like this one :) I do instructions, manuals, first aid books, safety guideline posters and so one :) I can almost double my income by drawing for hospitals and doctors writing books.,
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    What made you do it?

    I did, I went from architect -> ems -> RN, and combine my drawing skills to do medical illustration. :) So yes I would.
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    Medic with Motion Sickness

    Not really a cure, but thats why I went form ems -> RN instead.
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    Nys Emt window decal

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    Whats your caffeine of choice?

    I prefer mine pure, or black :)
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    Blood Pressure?

    If everything fails I would just palpate the systolic with no stet :) (this can be hard on some patients too thou).
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    How Do You Use Your Radio During An Overnight Shift?

    I can sleep from anything :/
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    How Do You Use Your Radio During An Overnight Shift?

    All the way up, right by the pillow.