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    Mapping in Texas

    Hello, I'm from Cali and just moved to Texas. In Socal we use the Thomas Guide to map. But for the life of me I cannot find a Thomas Guide for anything but Cali. What do y'all use to map out here? Thank you in advance.
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    I recently moved to Converse, TX (bout 10 min outside San Antonio) and I’m looking to see what departments run 911 in surrounding areas. Thank you in advance!
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    Austin EMS

    Hello all! I am moving to Texas in June and looking at applying to Austin EMS. I saw they have an academy, does anyone have any info further on the academy? What workouts they do, what they go over, etc. Do they only hire paramedics or do they hire EMT B as well. Also, do they help pay for medic...
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    Texas EMS

    Hello all, I am moving to San Antonio, Texas. I was wondering if anyone knows the process of changing my EMT from CA to Texas and also if anyone knows who is the 911 around those areas. Thank you!
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    AMR physical

    I need to get hired on with AMR & start picking up 24 hr shifts. I used to work with McCormick but am moving to Santa Clarita. Does anyone know anything about AMR’s hiring process, physical, training after being hired, how you pick your station, or anything else I need to know about? Thank you!
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    EMT scholarship or grant

    does anyone know of any scholarships for EMTS? I’m getting my AS in criminal justice. I live in SoCal if that makes a difference! Thank you!
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    EMT in Las Vegas

    I am currently an EMT in California, and my wife and I are thinking about moving to Las Vegas. I don't know much about being an EMT there, anything you can tell me would be great. Also, being an EMT in California is sadly not a career, but I know it is in other states. Is Nevada one of them...
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    Hello all, I'm thinking about going to nursing school but am looking for scholarships or grants. Anyone know of any? I live in California if that makes a difference. Thank you!
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    McCormick uniform

    Hello all, I recently got hired at McCormick Ambulance in la county. They provide 2 pairs of uniforms. But with my schedule I need more than that. Does anyone know where to get good ones or cheap ones or really any suggestions I’ll take. Thanks!
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    Orange County Accreditation

    I have my scope of practice in LA county but want to get accredited in Orange County. I've seen a couple classes on it but it has EKG and IV set up and monitoring included. Can anyone tell me if this right and what the process is to get the expanded scope of practice in Orange County? Thank you.
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    I just applied to CARE ambulance.

    Can anyone tell me about their hiring process and training after being hired? I have tried to research but unfortunately can't find much. Any advice or information you have will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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    McCormick Ambulance

    Has anyone been recently hired for McCormick ambulance? I want to apply to them. Can anyone tell me what their hiring process is and any details you know of them? I'll take any information you have about them. Thank you.