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    NREMT Score

    I passed my NREMT exam about two months ago and I was just curious if there's any way to find out what your actual score was or if they will only tell you pass/fail?
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    State cards.

    I am an NREMT . If I want to get a state card, do I have to be affiliated with a squad first? If not, how do I go about doing it?
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    JB Learning

    I purchased JB Learning Navigate 2 Testprep a couple weeks ago and I'm just curious if it actually helped anyone with their nremt exam?
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    NREMT Exam.

    Taking my nremt exam tomorrow for the first time. Any last minute advice or study tips to help?
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    I just passed my practicals and I've already paid and registered for my national registry. My instructor has already sent them the verification of my passing, so I'm just curious how long it has taken other people to get the okay to test from Pearson Vue? And once you did, how soon could you test?
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    I need helpful tips for studying and remembering practicals. Anyone got any?