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    New Ohio ems law So how do you feel about this? Personally I havn't came to a decision if am for or against. Has anyone had an experience with this before?
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    WALS class

    For you'll thats taken the WALS class what did you think of it? I'am taking it in March and was wondering what all will be discussed.
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    I did a search, but couldn't find what I was looking for.Just placed CPAP on the truck today and would like to hear your thoughts on the subject.
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    Hats off to volunteers

    When I started reading this board I had never heard of volunteer ems.I am from Eastern Ky where there are some of the pooriest areas in the country and all of our services are paid.So it really surprises me that an area can't afford paid staff.So I would like to say hats off to you guys and gals...
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    Nitro before IV

    Whats everyone's take on the question.When dealing with chest pain,Do you always start a line before giving nitro SL.I've seen it both ways.I prefer to start one but would like to hear some other schools of thought.
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    State Inspections

    Here in Ky state inspections are scheduled.I think this is not the best way due to the fact a service can operate below standards for aleast 364 days of a year.Then on the day of inspection have everything right.I was wondering in your state if inspections are scheduled or random.Thanks
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    Sinus Tach or SVT

    Was wondering if some one could have Sinus Tach with a rate above 150bpm.I have been told that even if p waves are present and the rate is above 150bpm it is technically SVT.I have also been told if the p wave hasn't superimposed into the QRS it is Sinus Rhythm even if you had a rate above...
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    Pride,whats it to you.

    Was wondering what everyone's idea of pride is for the job that we do.The reason am asking is because of things here at the FD.We have guys on the job that there idea of pride is keeping the trucks and stations clean.Almost to the point of being compulsive.My idea is being knowledgeable and...
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    Those that make it to retirement

    Just read an article from the NREMT and its statistics state that only 11% of people working in ems make it to retirement.I was wondering whats you'll thoughts on this.
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    Another Stethoscope question

    Was wondering if any one has seen or used the stethoscope that has the ability to produce a EKG in lead two.It works by having three conducting points on the bell and a small LCD screen on the back.Sorry can't remember the name. Would like you comments about it.
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    Just placed them on the EC units her at work, and was wondering what everyone's thoughts was.Have you had good/bad results.Thanks
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    Time line before damage

    Does anyone know of any studies for how long someone can go with low blood sugar before there is permanet damage.I bring this up because of a run I had one time.The report that he had started acting funny around 6am that morning.It was 1015am when we got dispatched.In the end pt. made...
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    Cardiac Entrapment Syndrome

    Hi hope everyone is doing well. I had an als transport today where my pt was a 15 y/o female with cardiac entrapment syndrome. We transported her to a larger hospital for treatment. My question is does any one have any info on this condition. I tried google but couldn't find what I was looking...
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    Was wondering if any of you are in INDY this week for FDIC. If so what classes are you taking. Maybe we could get together.
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    New Medic

    New to forums and wanted to say hi. I've been a paid FF/Emt for 8 yrs and just recently got my medic. Hope to meet some new people and learn some new ideas, Stay safe.