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    EMT-B Recertification

    So I have a month to find a job, otherwise I will not meet the 6-month/1000-hour requirement when it comes time to re-certify. I also have no CE units. In order to get my license renewed, will I have to retake EMT-Basic just like if I were a new student, or can I take the 4 week EMT-B...
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    California AB 1245

    For those of us in California, what do you know about this assembly bill? How will it affect EMS here? Bill Text - AB-1245 Emergency Medical Services This is what I got in the mail. My thought after reading this was, "maybe this will solve the EMT-B tidal wave by making requirements higher."...
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    Do you own a business and work/volunteer EMS?

    I've been offered a great opportunity to become a franchise owner in a very viable business. My passion has and always will be EMS. My question to you is, have you or do you run a business and work or volunteer in EMS?
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    I bought an ambulance today

    Now, I am complete.
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    SoCal 911 Employment

    So I know that this subject has been beaten nearly to death, but here it goes: 9 months ago I submitted my application to Palm Springs AMR, passed the written test, and almost immediately got an interview date. I went down there and failed the skills test. I went home and submitted...