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    Silly Question...

    Define formal...I think you will do just fine with business casual... An occasional oxford with a tie is not bad either.
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    Silly Question...

    I agree with ak. I teach @ a community college, and at the Fire Academy. Nothing catches my eye faster than someone who arrives trying to look cool. Flip-flops, board-shorts and a t-shirt from whatever defunct sports team is not all that impressive. But...that is what some of these...
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    Murder suspect sent by ambulance*no cops*

    The locals regularly un-arrest perps around here. When I was still riding the box, it really torqued me off. I am no wilting flower, let me assure you, but I am getting too old to be going to court for messing up some perp a cop was too lazy to transport.
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    What kinda car do you drive? /more questons

    Thanks, bro. They can be had for Cummins rigs PS...I like your rig too...The only reason I did not get one is the quad and ex cabs are the same dimensionally.
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    What kinda car do you drive? /more questons

    Well if we are going to post pictures...;) And another view: And in case you missed it: Never Forget: And my old ride: My previous rigs were a '95 S-Jimmy I put 187K on the clock, and an '86 K-Blazer I sold with 287K on the clock.
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    "NY EMTs Gone Wild" 2 FDNY Medics fired.

    I was not the one responding to you. I was correcting someone else who said they were smart enough to pass Medic school. That was not the case, and that is why it matters. I went through Medic Basic 90-02, and it was one of the toughest things I have ever done. Medic Basic 89-02 was a blood bath...
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    "NY EMTs Gone Wild" 2 FDNY Medics fired.

    Neither were Paramedics. Which is not to say that they have successfully figured how to instill common sense into recruits @ Fort Totten. God, there are some days I am relieved I am no longer a boss on that job.
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    What boots do you use?

    Warrington Pro Station boots.
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    Time to Brag - Certifications

    It has been a while since I have posted But here it goes: Firefighter I and II Haz-Mat Technician Structural Collapse Technician (Thank you VATF2) Driver/Operator Engine and Truck Fire Officer I and II EMT-P (NY just lapsed, but Colorado is still good for a little while) ACLS BTLS...
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    College Degrees

    I have an AS in Fire Science Technology, and where I work, it will help you in getting a raise in pay. I am also working towards my BS in Fire and Emergency Management. Since I am an instructor @ a local community college the AS was 'required' too... I suggest you go to college now rather than...
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    From EMT-B to Paramedic

    Wouldn't matter...they would not believe me anyway! :D
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    From EMT-B to Paramedic

    So, basically, we agreed? :o :unsure:
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    Spanish Speaking Patients.

    Remember, EVERYONE is a threat unless proven otherwise. Paranoid? Perhaps, but it is a posture that has kept me in good stead for a long time. I may be wrong, but DT4EMS may agree with me.
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    From EMT-B to Paramedic

    I think BLS experience is invaluble...There are Paramedics who are VERY successful with a minimum of experience...but the vast majority I have observed going straight through to Paramedic have some serious deficiencies that are very hard to correct. When I went to Paramedic School, NYC*EMS...
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    Pimpafy your name

    Vicious D. C. Flex Ha!
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    What do you do... Read IFSTA's Pumping Apparatus Driver/Operator Handbook...and FDNY's EVOC handbook. Both books require you to leave the lights on when responding emergent (code 3). If you switch them off, you send the public a message that the alarm/run you are responding to is not really an...
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    Spanish Speaking Patients.

    So, I quess that Paragod stuff does work! :P
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    Spanish Speaking Patients.

    Is this thread still alive?!?!?!?!?
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    What do you do...

    When responding Emergent (Code 3) NEVER EVER turn your lights and sirens off (turn siren off when entering highway is the only exception...keep lights on!) Turning on and off your signals only confuses those who are already perplexed. No need to really mess up their day!
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    Fire Prevention Rap?

    Music is like candy, in order to really enjoy it, you have to remove the rappers!