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  1. FNGperpetual

    San Antonio(Texas) Community College, Paramedic Program Review

    Hello. Here in San Antonio. Looking for reviews on San Antonio Community College Paramedic Program. Thanks
  2. FNGperpetual

    Paramedic to Medical School to Emergency Physician/Disaster Med

    I've been considering medical school for about a month now. has a wealth of information. However I'm still obsessed with becoming a paramedic and I won't stop until I do that. Basic for one year and I've been an EMT intermediate for 7 years. I start paramedic school...
  3. FNGperpetual

    Seton health care/Lulling EMS,Lockheart EMS

    Greetings! I was wondering if anybody was familiar with the Seton Healthcare Family. In the Austin Texas Seguin area. From what I understand ,its he company that runs Caldwell County EMS or Lockhart and/or Luling EMS. Prayers to the injured Dallas fire paramedic...
  4. FNGperpetual

    Washington County EMS, Texas.

    Hello, I'm interviewing with Washington County EMS in Brenham Texas. I was curious if any of y'all had any first-hand experience with the company? I was curious about pay ,workplace culture ,what the city of Brenham is like. The website says EMT Basics get 33 thousand a year and EMT...