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  1. EOPFD

    Paramedic malpractice

    I just got into paramedic school and they require malpractice insurance. does anyone know where I can get that? What insurance company sells that? thank you
  2. EOPFD

    Paramedic to RN bridge - NY Area

    I couldn't find a thread specifically about Medic to RN, I was wondering if anyone in the New York area know of any programs. Thank you
  3. EOPFD

    Paramedic School

    Does anyone know any info on the stonybrook paramedic program? I hear a lot of mixed reviews. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. EOPFD

    Nys Emt window decal

    anyone know where I can get a nys window decal? Either on Long Island or online?
  5. EOPFD

    Transport company

    just got licensed about 2 months ago. Is a transport company going to give me any sort of expierence that will help me get a 911 job? Or am I better of just being a volley?