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  1. EMTinNEPA

    38 year-old male altered mental status

    You are working on a non-transport capable paramedic intercept vehicle and are dispatched along with the local volunteer BLS service for a 38 year-old male in seizures. You arrive on scene to find the patient awake and alert, but lacking orientation to time and place. Repetitive statements and...
  2. EMTinNEPA

    Bristol Hospital EMS in Connecticut

    Looking for information if anybody has any. I.E. call volume, staffing, general information on day-to-day operations, salary, etc.
  3. EMTinNEPA

    Get out of PA!!

    I'm officially a Nationally Registered Paramedic!!
  4. EMTinNEPA

    Paramedic has heart attack, but partner saves his life

    Pretty neat story from a local newspaper...
  5. EMTinNEPA

    Acid-Base Balance, ABG, iSTAT, EtCO2, and more...

    We're covering acid-base balance in school and according to my book (Paramedic Care: Principles & Practice) the only way to confirm a patient's pH level is arterial blood gas studies, which are, quote, "only available in the hospital setting". However, a co-worker of mine mentioned this...
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    I'm in!

    Well... here goes nothing!
  7. EMTinNEPA

    Boston Firefighter meets baby he saved 40 years ago
  8. EMTinNEPA


    Just heard a story last night about two medics who were involved in an MVA on the way back from a call... they called in reports on themselves to the hospital. :P Probably one of those "you had to be there" moments, but I figured I would give it a shot.
  9. EMTinNEPA

    Asymptomatic bradycardia

    We get dispatched last night for SOB/near syncope. Arrive on scene, patient is an approx. 75 yo male. No chief complaint. Completely asymptomatic. So we walk him out to the ambulance. While the medic is getting a PMH, I start taking vitals. BP = 128/50. I take the patient's pulse. His...
  10. EMTinNEPA

    Introduction Thread

    Sorry, I couldn't think of a more creative title. Anyhoo, I'm EMTinNEPA, or Dan. Whichever you prefer. I'm an EMT-B in Northeastern Pennsylvania. I work on an ALS truck, work a second job on a BLS truck, and volunteer with yet another BLS truck. I'm also an EMS advisor for the local...